‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Theresa Struggles, Caroline Has A Vision, John Gets A Lead, And Sonny Reconnects With Paul

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday’s show detail that there will be a new lead in Tate’s kidnapping case, and Caroline will have a vision related to the toddler’s disappearance. Sonny is back in town and will be taking some time to catch up with Paul during the August 2 episode. What else can viewers expect during this one?

Sonny surprised everybody by showing back up in Salem again, and the brief encounter he already had with Paul was seemingly a good one. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that the two will get together to talk during Tuesday’s show. Will the sparks fly and romance flourish between them again?

According to Soap Central, Sonny and Paul will reconnect as they share some drinks, and the buzz is that there will be a moment between them. Viewers will have to wait and see if these two dive back into a romance again, but Days of Our Lives spoilers do note that Sonny will be spending a lot of time during his return dealing with Kiriakis drama. It is not known yet how long Freddie Smith will be sticking around in the role, but fans are glad to see him back.

Tate remains missing, and Summer has now left Salem for good. Theresa is frantic over her son’s disappearance, and Brady is working with John to try to figure out who has the boy. Days of Our Lives spoilers note that the two men will get a new lead during the next episode. It seems that the new lead may somehow connect to Indianapolis, as John is said to head there shortly.

John and Brady found a toy in Summer’s hotel room that did seem to connect Summer to Tate’s disappearance, despite her assertions otherwise. However, so far, the identity of the person ultimately behind this plot remains unknown. The two men will keep digging, but Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Theresa will be feeling rather hopeless about the situation.

As John and Brady dig, Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Theresa will spend some time with Caroline and talk about the situation. Theresa is said to open up about all that has happened, feeling responsible for the boy’s kidnapping. Caroline will work to support her during this challenge, and it seems that she will also have one of her visions related to the disappearance.

Could this vision of Caroline’s finally provide some true guidance in solving the case? Unfortunately, Caroline’s visions are rarely taken seriously by those around her, but whatever she sees is surely of great importance in solving the case. It sounds as if Tate will remain missing for a while yet, but things may start coming together soon to pin down the person responsible.

John and Marlena will share some sweet moments together before he heads to Indianapolis, and everybody will be quite anxious to see just what it is that he will be pursuing in Indiana. As the week continues, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chloe will reveal her big news to Philip. During Monday’s episode, she took a pregnancy test, and it appears that she will learn that she is pregnant with Deimos’ baby.

Philip is said to be supportive of Chloe during this tough situation, but Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that the baby news could throw a wrench into Deimos and Nicole’s romance soon. Jennifer and Chad’s custody battle over Thomas continues, and both Stefano and Jack will make appearances as the situation plays out later this week.

Rafe and Hope will be sharing some special moments together soon, and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that a big cliffhanger is coming on Friday, just as the show heads into a two-week hiatus to make way for the Rio Olympics set to air on NBC. There are big twists and turns on the way, and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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