Josh Duggar Surfaces In Family Outing Photo, Is The Shunned Reality Star Making A Comeback?

Josh Duggar has been missing from family photographs and social media for almost a year now. Reports of him being seen with the Duggars have surfaced, but they have been few and far in between. He was released from rehab back in the spring and has been spending time with his wife, Anna and their children. Since then, the Duggars managed to score themselves a new television show after TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting. There hasn’t been information about what Josh plans to do with his life now that being a reality star will no longer work for him.

Rumors about Josh Duggar appearing on Counting On were circulating for a little while earlier this summer, but they were eventually shot down. It appears that TLC finds him to be a liability, and advertisers will not back the slots that are available when Counting On airs if Josh Duggar appears on the show in any capacity. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar appears to be working on a social media comeback. There are rumors that he will speak out about his mistakes, though there is no solid confirmation on that. The Duggar family has been trying hard to keep him out of the spotlight in an effort to keep the scandals from resurfacing again. During a “boys only” outing for the Duggars, Josh appeared in a group photo. The men were attending an airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Duggar appears to have gained quite a bit of weight, as he was barely recognizable in the photo.

Great to be at the museum of the Bible launch event tonight in DC! #BibleMuseum @museumofbible

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Going from a life of visibility to seclusion was tough on Josh Duggar. He was building his political career and it all came crashing down last year when police reports over a decade old were released to the public. It was revealed that Duggar had inappropriately touched several of his sisters and a family friend while they slept. Nothing was done in the case, as he was released to his parents because he was a minor. After all of that was handled, more bad news came out. Josh Duggar was not prepared for the release of the Ashley Madison membership owners names. He was exposed for belonging to the website that promotes cheating, and that is what really put people over the edge. After that, Duggar was sent to rehab in Rockford, Illinois, for treatment.

TLC decided to give the Duggars another shot in the reality television realm in December. When Jill & Jessa: Counting On garnered huge ratings for a special, the network opted to give them another chance with an actual show. Season 1 was a hit and only mentioned Josh Duggar a few times. It appeared that the sisters were still working through all of the drama their brother had caused, and Anna was visiting her husband in rehab. With Josh’s wife being a part of the show, it is only a matter of time before he makes an appearance. The second season of the show is set to debut in a few weeks, and it will heavily focus on Jinger Duggar’s engagement to Jeremy Vuolo. With something else for fans to focus on, could this be the time to reintroduce Josh Duggar to the world of reality television?

@joshduggar and I had a wonderful afternoon with our friends @living_waters

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The photograph of Josh Duggar was a rarity for the family. They have been avoiding mentioning his name and posting his face for several months. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right? There is a Duggar wedding happening and since it is a family event, everyone will be present. Josh Duggar may not be someone fans want to see, but he isn’t going anywhere because he is still a part of the Duggar family.

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