Trump Versus Obama: Here’s How American Hypocrisy Works

President Obama is “a racist?” But, Donald Trump is “a patriot?” First Lady Michelle is “a whore?” Yet, Melania is “a confident woman?” American hypocrisy is sickening.

The contrasts between the two parties are undeniably clear to the entire world. But, something in certain American citizens doesn’t want to realize or own up to the blatant, in-your-face hypocrisy.

Around the world, Americans have a reputation for being “stupid.” Don’t believe that?

If you’ve never ventured outside of these “red, white, and blue” borders, you would have zero awareness concerning the brand of ignorance and hypocrisy that is daily broadcast across the globe.

The way Americans watch reality TV is similar to the way the world watches America. Here’s an example of the foolery the rest of the world finds comical and disheartening.

Get this.

In recent news, Trump received a Purple Heart. Yes, one of the most distinguished military awards was recently “gifted” to Trump from a military veteran, as reports CNN Politics.

The veteran gave it to him while saying, “That’s my real Purple Heart. I have such confidence in you.”

Say what?

This is the same man who strategically avoided the draft five times so he wouldn’t have to fight in the Vietnam war, according to New York Times.

America, what is wrong with you?

And, this is the same American hypocrisy which claimed that Barack Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize nor any of his honorary doctoral degrees, as noted by Washington Post. Since his first, he’s received several additional degrees.

However, American hypocrisy doesn’t recognize that.

Yet, where else can Melania Trump totally plagiarize First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech, yet be called trustworthy?

Not to mention, Trump supporters then accused FLOTUS of plagiarizing Saul Alinsky’s speech from “Rules for Radicals,” when, in fact, she only noted one phrase from his work, as mentions Snopes.

Likewise, where else can Melania Trump be praised as a confident woman for posing nude and excused for porn participation simply because “she’s European, and it’s different for them”? All the while, Michelle Obama gets called a “whore” and “classless” because she’s “bearing her arms” in a sleeveless dress.

America seems to be the land of hypocrisy.

How is it okay for Trump to be heavily supported by the Ku Klux Klan and National Rifle Association, but Americans are appalled by Barack Obama’s statements regarding Black Lives Matter and “reverse racism?”

How can Donald Trump incite racial tensions rally after rally, yet President Barack Obama is called a racist? Actually, several “conservative extremists” call him the No.1 racist in the country as can be read in several anti-Obama comments via USA Politics Today.

How laughable is that?

How is it that Donald Trump can suggest to Russian hackers to gain access to Clinton’s email files and not be cited for treasonous acts against the United States? And his supporters, who deem themselves total “American patriots,” see nothing wrong with this.

Yet, these are the very same people who demanded to see proof via birth certificate that President Obama is a United States citizen.

This level of hypocrisy and ignorance is unprecedented. Or is it?

A Pew Research Center study shows that a majority of anti-Black Lives Matter activists in the general public — a.k.a. “All Lives Matter” — don’t even know its real cause or meaning.

The study says that Americans, today, are reacting to Black Lives Matter in the exact way White Americans did during the 1960’s Civil Rights Movements.

Yet, American hypocrisy says that “all lives matter.”

Then show it, right? Show that all lives matter.

Show that America isn’t “ground zero” for modern-day racism and bigotry.

That’s what the rest of the world sees from America day in and day out.

Recently, in case you missed it, several countries issued U.S. travel warnings to their citizens due to all the recent tensions.

Right now, America is the world’s “Clayton Bigsby.”

If you don’t know, Clayton Bigsby is a fictional character created by Dave Chappelle. During a comedic-yet-controversial skit, Dave played the part of a blind, Black “White supremacist.”

In the skit, Clayton was blind as a child and adopted by a White family who never told him he was Black. And, he grew up to be somewhat of a David Duke figure to supremacists.

In a sense, that’s America; blindly professing one thing — like “all lives matter” — while the rest of the world sees its true color via Donald Trump and his many hypocritical supporters.

Warning: The following video contains comical statements that may be racially insensitive to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

Doesn’t this sound like the average Trump supporter?

Have you ever tried to reason with Trump supporters? It’s worse than undergoing surgery without medication.

A recent example of such illogical hypocrisy is Malia Obama.

Over the weekend, Malia attended Lollapalooza and danced with other teens at the event.

Mind you, Obama’s daughters have spent their entire adolescence in the White House under strict supervision and security.

Here’s how American hypocrisy responded. “Malia Obama is worse than the Bush Twins!”

Seriously? How can these “conservative extremists” ever think to compare Obama’s teenage daughters — who haven’t appeared in the news much at all during his eight-year presidency — to Bush’s fully-grown daughters who were in the news often due to degrading public behavior and indecency?

The Inquisitr covered this story in a previous article.

All in all, what’s the deal, America? Why such hypocrisy? Feel free to comment in the section below.

[Photo by Steve Helber/AP Images]