Taylor Swift Wearing The Pants In Tom Hiddleston Romance: Did Singer Turn Into Control Freak After Calvin Harris Split?

Taylor Swift is reportedly wearing the pants in her relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

While the couple has only been dating for two months, sources allege that Swift has really dominated the romance with her controlling behavior, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports, citing Naughty Gossip’s original claims.

The twosome have been traveling the world together since making their relationship official. However, if fans thought that any of the fancy trips were covered by Hiddleston, they’d be mistaking because. According to the outlet, every financial move has Taylor Swift’s name written on all over it.

An insider close to the couple alleges that Taylor has somewhat won the role as the dominant figure in the relationship. She makes the decisions since she’s the one paying for almost everything that the duo have done lately, from dining at fancy restaurants and flying in private jets all around the world.

It’s not that Tom can’t afford to pull his weight and be a gentleman by offering to pay. As the source continues, Taylor insists that she covers the majority of the bills because the “Style” singer supposedly knows that this grants her the pass to be the person in charge.

“Taylor and Tom never debate who’s paying. She just has an assistant handle every check after they leave. He never gets to see a check,” the insider revealed.

“She has an advance team that books everything and puts it on her company credit cards. She is very controlling and if she pays she gets to make all the decisions. She decides when they fly, where they stay and even what they eat. Taylor likes paying because it makes her the boss.”

The report comes just one month after Taylor’s ex-boyfriend and music producer Calvin Harris strongly insinuated that Swift tried sabotaging his career following their split in May. While it’s alleged that Taylor was the one who dumped Harris via a phone call, she reportedly became envious of the success of Calvin’s latest hit, “This Is What You Came For.”

Given the tweets that followed on Calvin Harris’ official Twitter page, it is evidently clear that the DJ was indirectly telling his millions of fans that Taylor Swift has a way of manipulating something or someone to her liking, which was last seen in the leaked “Famous” video scandal.

Last month, when Kim Kardashian deliberately leaked video footage of Taylor Swift admitting to being fine with the content of Kanye West’s controversial track, the former country singer placed herself in a rather awkward position since she strongly denied having anything to do the song upon its release in January. Fans would go on to learn that the 26-year-old had lied about the situation, and the video footage was consequently used as evidence.

Being controlling in a relationship isn’t anything new to Taylor Swift, who is famously known to write about her ex-boyfriends for her hit albums. During her brief romance with One Direction’s Harry Styles, Taylor was reported to have become extremely jealous over the singer’s flirty behavior towards other women. Taylor was far from pleased to see Harry befriend other girls and allegedly tried to stop him from being young and have fun, which eventually led to the downfall of the couple’s romance.

With the news that Tom rarely has an input in any financial say, would you consider that an open move for Taylor Swift to demand a dominant role in her relationship with the actor?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]