WWE News: First Images Of WWE 2K17 Video Game Released, And They Are Awesome

WWE 2K17 will be coming out in October, and fans are already so excited to see the game and play it. It’s obvious that despite issues the game may have every year, fans highly anticipate the game and want to see what changes were made, as well as see what Superstars were added and/or removed. We know some people won’t be in the game, but others wrestlers who have been released since the last game may still be used. Names such as Stardust and Wade Barrett seem to be on the possible list, but the entire roster has not been confirmed as of now.

IGN was able to confirm a few names. In fact, they hold the key to who will be part of the game this year. Every single Tuesday until the entire roster is revealed, IGN will put out pictures and release a list of names along with it. This year they’ll be doing something special and putting out a picture for fans to look over at 6 a.m. Pacific time each Tuesday. It’ll be jumbled up, and fans will have to look at the picture and find the clues hidden in the image. Three hours later, IGN claims they’ll put out a normal list.

The first jumbled up picture was a very creepy amusement park, which IGN calls a neighborhood in Suplex City. As you can see below, there are obviously many clues helping you find out who will be in the game. We knew that some names were already confirmed during E3 like Ultimate Warrior, John Cena, and Sasha Banks. However, the rest can possibly be determined by the picture below, at least for this week. Check it out.

2K Amusement Park
[image via IGN]

As you can see there are a couple things that can be viewed easily such as Ultimate Warrior, a sheep possibly meaning Erick Rowan, Spinn-Roo-Ni meaning Booker T, and various others. IGN did put out screenshots after the release of the names. Now that IGN has the list out for this week with amazing images, we can confirm the game will include Brock Lesnar(obviously), Nikki and Brie Bella, the Usos, Chris Jericho, The Ascension, Booker T, Erick Rowan, Aiden English, Simon Gotch, R-Truth, Larry Zybszko, Jim Neidhart, Heath Slater, Fernando, Diego, and Brian Pillman.

The interesting thing about this year’s game is that they focused just as much on the women as the men. The details have usually been lost when it comes to the ladies. WWE would get most of it right with skin tone and hair for the ladies. However, the faces and wrestling moves were not focused on as heavily. Due to the recent screenshots of the Bella Twins, we can be positive that 2K Sports worked as much on the women as the men.

Another major issue last year was that the Four Horsewomen were not in the game at all for 2K16 despite the fact that three were champions or former champions before the game ever came out. 2K had more than enough time to add Samoa Joe when he just arrived in WWE NXT back in the spring of 2016. Meanwhile, all four women had been with the NXT system for at least two years or more.

Brie Bella WWE 2k17
[image via IGN]

It was a clear lack of care that fans were absolutely ticked off about and rightfully so. That’s why 2K was very sure to confirm Sasha Banks up front so we knew 2K heard them. WWE used all four women in big roles.

Another major thing for fans this year was the fact that additional names were supposedly going to be added. There was a video talking about the NXT edition that included WWE newcomers Shinsuke Nakamura and Apollo Crews, which makes fans assume both men were confirmed for the game. Whether or not you can get them by buying them as part of the NXT pack or you can download them separately later on is not yet known, however.

The new faces most fans are looking forward to seeing and hoping are part of the game are AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson. Of course, we also hope to see a couple new popular WWE NXT faces in the game too, such as Carmella. There is also an expectation that more legends will be added to the game as well. There is some thought that the 2K Showcase mode may allow for some names to be unlocked as was done in the past. As of now, we have a good list of interesting people confirmed, and that is clearly a good thing.

[Image via IGN]