‘RHOC’ Tamra Judge Denies Custody Battle With Simon Barney, Did Not Lose Custody Of Daughter Sidney

Tamra Judge relinquished custody of her daughter, 17-year-old Sidney Barney, to her ex-husband, Simon Barney, years ago, and during a new interview, the Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up about her past custody battle and current relationship with her oldest child.

Although rumors have swirled claiming Tamra Judge lost custody of Sidney and remains in a custody battle with Simon over their younger children, daughter Sophia and son Spencer, the reality star claims that is not at all the case.

“I’ve never lost custody of any of my kids,” Tamra Judge revealed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on August 1. “I hear that all the time … I’m not going through a custody battle.”

Tamra Judge’s custody battle with Simon came to an end years ago and she while continues to be quite involved in her youngest children’s lives, her relationship with Sidney is non-existent after the teenager came to her years ago and revealed she did not want to be in her life anymore.

“She came in the kitchen, and she sat down and she said, ‘I don’t want to live with you anymore,'” Tamra Judge recalled. “‘You’ve ruined my dad’s life.’ And I said, we need to work through these things. We can go to counseling. She basically left that day and, two years later, has not come back.”

In 2015, a therapist diagnosed Sidney with “parental alienation,” but because Sidney is nearly an adult, she is able to make her own decisions in court and did not want to go to counseling to make amends with her mother. Tamra Judge said she approached Simon about coming together as a family, but unfortunately, he did not want to meet with her and their kids.

“It’s sad, and hard, and horrible, and it’s happening all over the world,” Tamra Judge explained. “It’s when a kid gets stuck in the middle … There was no huge thing that happened between us. It wasn’t like we were fighting or screaming at each other. It was nothing like that.”

Simon Barney attempted to gain sole custody of all three of their children after their divorce, but the “judge laughed at him and said, ‘No.'”

In addition to Sidney’s estrangement from her mother, the former couple’s middle child, son Spencer, is estranged from his father.

“[Spencer] lives with me full time and he doesn’t speak to his dad,” Tamra Judge said. “It’s a mess. I have asked, like, ‘Can the four of us sit down?’ … I truly believe kids need both their parents. They need both of them to be healthy, successful, happy adults. Now, the situation is just so messed up and [Simon] won’t agree to it.”

Despite Sidney’s decision to remove herself from her mother’s life, Tamra Judge continues to attempt to make amends with the child and sends her a text message every single week.

Tamra Judge has spoken about her family drama on occasion, and after addressing the issue during a Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special, the reality star admitted that her daughter was upset with her. However, because she spoke of their family drama on the show, Sidney ultimately reconciled with Judge’s oldest son, Ryan Veith, and her mother, Sidney’s grandmother.

Around the time of the reunion, Tamra Judge and her daughter appeared to feud on Facebook after Sidney slammed her in an emotional post, which Judge later suggested was actually written by her ex-husband.

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