Lea Michele’s Naked Photos For Magazine Reveal Corey Monteith Memento

Former Glee star Lea Michele’s nude photos for a UK magazine revealed rarely seen tattoos of her late boyfriend, Corey Monteith, who died in 2013 from a drug overdose.

Although Lea Michele has already had two relationships after the late actor, Matthew Paetz and currently, Robert Buckley, the three tattoos on her body clearly show just how special Corey Monteith was to her.

One of the tats, on her posterior no less, spells out “Finn” referring to the character of the actor in the Ryan Murphy TV show, Glee.

Lea Michele revealed in a Twitter post that the tattoo is five years old, and it was from when she was still with the actor.

Corey Monteith passed away in July 2013 in a hotel room in Vancouver following a deadly cocktail of heroin and alcohol. His death took the industry by surprise although the actor had admitted once before that he struggled with addiction.

Apparently, Monteith checked himself into a rehab facility just three months prior to his death. That wasn’t, however, the first time he went into a treatment facility. At age 19, he was sent to rehab after having received counseling.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 29-year-old actress sports two more tattoos in honor of Corey Monteith. One was the number “5” which refers to his Jersey number in Glee, and the other one was the phrase “If you say so.”

The phrase was the title of her song in 2013, which was a cut from her album Louder.

In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Lea Michele revealed that it held a special meaning for her because it was about their last conversation before he died.

“I spoke to a woman who lost her son, and she mentioned how grateful she was that the last words she said to her son before he died were, ‘I love you.’ Mine were that as well. [The song] is just about that,” she said.

Apart from the tattoos in honor of Corey Monteith, Lea Michele’s nude photos show the actress being very confident about her body.

In fact, in the accompanying interview with Women’s Health magazine, she said that being naked is not an issue for her, especially since she started working out and taking care of her body. What started out as a diversion after leaving Glee turned out to be a lifelong passion.

She recounted that in Glee, she had to do strenuous physical activities while doing their singing and dancing routines, and she needed something to channel all that energy.

“Right now, I feel physically in my best shape and emotionally in my best place,” she said, adding that taking her of her body has other positive results as well, and that is the endorphins giving her a different high where she feels “like I can take on the world.”

Apart from hiking, jogging, and other cardio exercises, Lea Michele doesn’t fail to go to her SoulCycle class in Brentwood, LA. Also, she makes sure to eat right.

“I keep my home almost completely gluten free and vegan, which I think is important because when you reach for a snack at home, then you’re getting something healthy,” she told the magazine.

Lea Michele was also quick to discount the perception that she’s beautiful because she’s a celebrity. In fact, one of her more prominent features was her nose.

In an interview with Chelsea Handler two years ago, she recounted that a manager told her when she was still 13 years old that she has to undergo a nose job by the time she’s 15 in order to be successful in Hollywood.

It’s a good thing that Lea Michele didn’t listen.

“I’m not perfect,” she added. “But I love myself flaws and all. Everyone has their own things, and I have my own list.”

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]