Having A Blast Playing ‘Guild Wars 2’: Level 80 And Beyond

I am having an absolute blast playing Guild Wars 2. I can honestly say this is the first game I have ever played in which I actually enjoyed every second of leveling my character. GW2 manages to make leveling such a smooth and effective experience that you almost wish there were 80 more levels to go when you reach the level cap of 80.

Forget any worries about the non-stop grinding or the endless killing of monsters that has been the ruin of several new MMOS. There are so many ways to progress in Guild Wars 2 that you are able to completely focus on enjoying the game. Questing, exploration, pvp, and crafting all work together to make the journey seem like a vacation in a gamers paradise. No other MMO has ever handled leveling as successfully as GW2.

Level 80 Is Only The Beginning

While reaching level 80 and completing the first stage of the game’s main story is a significant milestone in your Guild Wars 2 experience, it is only the beginning. There is so much more to do in the game that it will take many weeks of dedicated play before I even complete the exploration quests. After 3 weeks of effort, I have only managed to explore 30 percent of the zones in the game. Long before I have visited every nook and cranny of Tyria, ArenaNet will be adding new content to the game.

Exploration is only a small part of the fun GW2 offers players. The beating heart of the game at level 80 is pvp. The world v. world battles and hot join pvp games are jumping 24 hours a day. Players fight for rankings, bragging rights, and valuable loot in a continuing struggle for dominance. Many of my guild-mates in the Lethality Guild spend several hours a day roaming the huge maps of world v. world pvp to kill enemy players and complete objectives as they attempt to make Sea Of Sorrows the victor in the ongoing rivalry between servers.

Even if you never engage in one moment of pvp, there is still plenty to do in GW2. Players who enjoy pve have many mysterious dungeon instances to conquer. Every dungeon is available in two modes. First you must clear the instance in story mode, and, once you have done that, you may return as often as you please to re-enter the dungeon in exploration mode. Each new visit means more loot, more xp, and more valuable karma points that players may use to buy elite gear.

No matter how many times you explore a dungeon or a lower level zone, every visit will be a challenge. ArenaNet has added a ground breaking new feature to Guild Wars 2 called dynamic level adjustment. When you enter an area that is lower than your current level, your character is automatically scaled back to the maximum level of the area. Your attacks and hit points are reduced to put you on an equal footing with the monsters and quests in zone. This innovation allows players to replay dungeons as often as they wish without being able to one-shot every single enemy. Even returning to the starting area to help a friend will require a level 80 to stay alert and play to the best of their ability.

Working Together To Enjoy Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is definitely a social game that thrives on player’s working together. Team work is always essential for victory in pvp, but, in Guild Wars 2, players also work together to enjoy the pve content. GW2 questing is built around dynamic events that occur frequently throughout the world of Tyria. Players are constantly watching for alerts about pve events in their zone. When a warning notice flashes, players flock to the area to defeat the swarms of enemies and the open world bosses that arise with every dynamic event.

At higher levels, dynamic events have led to the formation of several popular zergs. Dozens of players concentrate on a particular zone and move quickly from one event to the next, destroying everything in their path to earn huge amounts of xp and karma points. The zerg continues throughout the course of the day, with players coming and going at will to gain several levels in a few hours of spontaneous mayhem.

Dynamic events are fast moving, exciting, and a great way to level up quickly. They allow players to form large groups and work as a team to accelerate their progress. Dynamic events are another example of the innovative ways in which ArenaNet has successfully redefined online gaming.

Continuing The Journey

Like many players, I concentrated on my story quest to reach level 80, and I still have 70 percent of the game world remaining to explore. There are dozens more vistas to reach, scores of waypoints and points of interest to find, and hundreds of quests to finish. Completing these goals means better gear, more gold, and valuable mats to build a stronger character. More importantly, it is simply great fun to continue and try to reach the 100 percent exploration achievement.

Now that I have finished the first significant stage of my Guild Wars 2 adventure, crafting becomes an important part of my daily activities. I have a bank full of crafting mats that I have been gathering since level one to assist me. I will now spend a portion of my daily play time crafting better gear to help my guild-mates or to sell on the auction house.

Pvp also becomes a focus of my attention as I join my guild-mates to stomp our enemies into submission. I saved the hot join pvp and world v. world battles until I was level 80, and now I have an entirely fresh part of the game waiting for me. I need to spend a few days to learn the in and outs of Guild Wars 2 pvp, and then I hope to become an important contributor to Lethality’s success in pvp.

All That Remains Is More Fun

Now that I am level 80, all I have left to look forward to is more great fun. I have only scratched the surface of all the wonders available in Guild Wars 2, and, if you consider that MMOS constantly evolve and add new content, GW2 has an almost limitless supply of enjoyment to offer.

I plan to explore as much of GW2 as humanly possible, pvp to my hearts content, and do a daily rotation of dungeons. Crafting and questing remains an important part of improving my character’s gear and increasing my in-game finances. The only limit on what I can achieve in Guild Wars 2 is the amount of time I choose to invest in playing this wonderful game.

Over the course of the weeks ahead, I shall continue to update TheInquisitr’s readers on my journey through the world of Guild Wars 2. You will read the details of new content as it is added, explore the dungeons with my party, and learn the results of my guild’s efforts in pvp. We shall delve deeper into the content of Guild Wars 2 and discuss strategies for defeating some of the game’s most difficult bosses. Guild Wars 2 has taken MMOS to the next level of enjoyment, and it is a great privilege to continue to keep you up to date on all the latest and greatest in the marvelous world of Guild Wars 2.