New Pokestop? Giant Pikachu Statue Mysteriously Appears Overnight In New Orleans’ Garden District

The phenomenon that is Pokemon GO continues to sweep the nation and the world, but it has also caused some drama and chaos. While some people are not happy with the changes, others are not thrilled with others bumping into them while playing. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, a giant statue of Pikachu appeared in the lower garden district and no one knows how it got there.

Seriously, it’s a giant Pikachu statue.

As reported by ABC News, the Pikachu statue just mysteriously appeared overnight in New Orleans. By Monday morning, people passing by it in the lower garden district weren’t sure what to make of it. By early Monday afternoon, people passing by it were taking pictures with it and sharing them on social media.

So far, no one is taking responsibility for it, and it’s already turned into a bit of a Pokemon GO monument of sorts. However, no one believes that the creators of the game had anything to do with it.

What a time to be alive. #pokemonument #pikachu #coliseumpark #gardendistrict #followyournola

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The Pikachu statue looks to be made of aged bronze, but it’s actually just fiberglass and was placed over a small fountain in a park near the intersection of Prytania and Terpsichore.

It’s not exactly known when the statue first appeared over the weekend, but it’s thought to have arrived at some time between Sunday and Monday. It’s quite fitting that it is modeled after Pikachu since he is one of the most sought-after and well-known Pokemon in the world.

Sure, it could just be a prank and have something to do with Pokemon GO, but there is also the possibility that it could be a message from someone in New Orleans.

For almost a year now, there have been debates, bills passed, appeals rendered, and lines drawn for the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans. As reported by the Times Picayune, things are at a bit of a standstill right now as many are trying to get the statues removed while others are fighting to block them being taken away.

Many see the statues of Robert E. Lee and others as historical landmarks that must be preserved and kept in New Orleans. Others see them as signs of racism and hatred so they are fighting for them to be removed.

Oddly enough, the statue of Pikachu is painted to look just like those Confederate monuments. Going a step further, Pikachu is molded and positioned with his arms folded and a defiant look on his face reminiscent of the Robert E. Lee monument standing in the center of New Orleans.

It’s quite weird, and as of Tuesday, the Pikachu statue still stands in place in that park in New Orleans with no one claiming responsibility. Maybe it’s a Pokestop for Pokemon GO and some creative person really thought it should stand out from its surroundings.

The giant and mysterious Pikachu statue in New Orleans is something that could be seen as just a prank or someone trying to be funny. It could all be a huge promotion for Pokemon GO or something having to do with it. Over the last 24 hours, others think the statue may have actually been a bit of a message to the city over the removal of the Confederate monuments that have caused such a stir in the past year.

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