62 Year-Old Bruce Springsteen Crowd Surfs In New Jersey [Video]

Bruce Springsteen doesn’t have to do anything else to confirm his status as one of America’s greatest ever musicians. But, by crowd-surfing at his home coming show in Jersey last night, the 62 year-old rocker has once again show why millions of people around the world simply adore “The Boss.”

Springsteen has been on tour throughout Europe over the summer promoting his latest album, Wrecking Ball, and his shows have possessed their usual three hour mix of passion, emotion, and buoyancy, with one show in Finland even going over the four-hour mark!

But there have also been the odd case of Bruce acting just a little too rock and roll, with the prime example coming in England when Springsteen was forced off stage as his set had gone on for too long. Even though he was playing with Paul McCartney at the time! Ridiculous.

Now Bruce is back in the safe bosom of home, and his current tour of the US has received glowing reviews, but at the MetLife stadium last night he wanted to get even closer to his brothers and sisters from the Garden State. Whilst the E-Street band played his hit, “Hungry Heart,” Bruce leaned back into the crowd and allowed them the honor of carrying him, but they appeared to struggle at first, though probably from sheer amazement at what was taking place.

Then, as hundreds more fans placed their hand beneath his back, Bruce was soon lifted and even managed to keep singing too. What a trooper. Bruce ultimately played for 3 hours and 40 minutes with the likes of Badlands and Thunder Road concluding an emotional show. You can check out his crowd-surfing antics below.