Jose Rodriguez Says Lindsay Lohan’s Car Reeked Of Booze After Accident

Wednesday morning saw the high profile arrest of troubled star Lindsay Lohan after she allegedly ran into a pedestrian with her car and then took off. Now it seems as if the man who was hit, Jose Rodriguez, has something to say about the accident. Rodriguez says that Lohan’s Porsche Cayenne reeked of alcohol when she got out of it in the early morning hours after she hit him.

Rodriguez told The Daily Newsthat Lohan not only smelled of alcohol but she was also slurring her words. Rodriguez told the paper:

“They acted like I was nothing. That no one could touch her because she was rich and powerful.”

Lohan had been at a Slash concert before the accident where witnesses told TMZ that they didn’t see Lohan consume any alcohol. Police did not give her a breathalyzer.

The story goes that Lohan arrived back at her hotel, the Dream Hotel, and, when pulling in the driveway, she hit Rodriguez. One of Lohan’s friends got out of the car and checked for damages while Lohan went inside. Lohan was arrested when she tried to leave the hotel at around 2:00 am.

Lohan was issued a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident, which is only a misdemeanor. What begs the question is whether it will trigger a probation violation. Lohan is required by the terms of her probation to obey all laws.

Lohan seems to be headed on another downward spiral. Recently the producers of Scary Movie 5 were livid that the actress claimed to have walking pneumonia and that she would not be able to show up and shoot her scene with Charlie Sheen.

An insider told the Post:

“Lindsay missed every meeting she had for the film, including script reads and wardrobe meetings. Then she missed her flight to Atlanta on Sunday to shoot the movie. The producers had been getting signs Friday that she was a mess, and would not be fit to work. Her problems are all catching up with her and Lindsay seems to spend all the money she makes.”

Lohan is currently waiting to see if prosecutors in Los Angeles are going to violate her probation for another accident she got into a few months ago. Lohan claimed to have been a passenger in the car, but police think she was actually the driver.