Joseline Hernandez Is Pregnant By Stevie J: ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Confirms Pregnancy At Season 5 Reunion

There were rumors that Atlanta rapper Young Dro was Joseline Hernandez’s baby daddy. However, the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 reunion show confirms that Joseline is pregnant by Stevie J.

During the episode, Joseline confirms that she had sex with Stevie J in Los Angeles but they had not slept together since then.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

As we know, recent Instagram pictures of Joseline Hernandez shows that her pregnancy is well on the way.

#JoselineHernandez still trying to shut down rumors that she is faking her pregnancy

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The sneak peek of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2 is going to show Stevie J’s reaction to the news.

It does not confirm whether he is still in denial of the pregnancy or not. Young Dro’s name did not come up during the pregnancy reveal and it is unlikely that he was ever in a relationship with Joseline but played along with the Puerto Rican princess plot to antagonise her alleged husband.

It is reported that Joseline and Young Dro just made music together and he did not appear on this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

The episode shows that Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are broken up. She stated that she does not love him. However, some fans believe she is just saying that because she has been hurt by him.

When asked about their future, Joseline states that there is no way she can get back with Stevie and that their love has been replaced by hate. However, a baby is going to change all that.

Neither Stevie J nor Joseline has confirmed whether they are truly married. Joseline insists that the marriage is real, while Stevie J denies that they were ever married.

When asked to provide a marriage license, both parties fail to provide proof of their marriage.

Stevie J and Joseline were interviewed separately during the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion. Stevie J said that Joseline owes him everything because he found her at the strip club and gave her a new life.

On the other hand, Joseline states that Stevie J was living in a garage when they met and she helped lift him up. She also tearfully claims that Stevie used her for five years and she does not love him anymore.

Whether her pregnancy brings them closer together is yet to be seen in the reunion Part 2.

The Puerto Rican princess has had a lot of beef this season. During the reunion, Tommie confirms that she tried to run over Joseline with her car.

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Joseline also revealed that she filed a restraining order against Tommie; therefore, they could not be interviewed together. The feud started over Joseline allegedly calling the police to visit Tommie’s hotel room after she told Joseline that Stevie J came to visit.

Stevie and Tommie confirm that they have never had an intimate relationship. Stevie J says that he will never do that to his nephew Scrapp Deleon.

Joseline also had a sit down with KK and things almost went left if not the for top notch security during the reunion. Joseline mocks KK’s arrest record and accuses her of trying to steal a Chanel bag. Joseline mocks her for being old and KK is ready to fight before being removed by security.

In conclusion. It's only part 1 & #joselinehernandez ran the entire reunion and had everyone SHOOK. #Vh1 #LHHATL

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Mimi Faust states that she never believed Stevie J and Joseline were married during the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion. Although she is not back with Stevie, Joseline suspects that they are still being intimate.

Stevie J has stated that Joseline Hernandez has crossed the line and there is no way they are getting back. The Puerto Rican princess is not interested in reconciling either or at least that is what she says.

Do you think Joseline being pregnant will change that? Are they getting back together next season? Leave your comments below.

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