August 2, 2016
NASA Cuts Live Video Transmission As Golden UFO 'Hundreds Of Miles Long' Appears Near International Space Station [Video]

UFO hunters have once again accused NASA of interrupting live streaming from the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit after a mysterious UFO appeared in the video transmission. UFO hunters say the agency shut down its live video feed after cameras captured a massive golden UFO "hundreds of miles long," orbiting Earth near the ISS.

The alleged mysterious UFO was spotted orbiting Earth on NASA's ISS live stream on August 1, 2016, by the prolific UFO hunter, Streetcap1.

According to Streetcap1, as relayed in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on August 1, 2016, he began recording immediately when he observed a mysterious golden UFO on the live ISS feed.

But NASA interrupted the live feed seconds after the UFO appeared.

"Please stand by," read the message from NASA after the live stream cut (see YouTube below). "The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station."

"To my surprise they cut transmission. Anyway this has to be huge whatever it is."
"I thought I was seeing things at first then quickly started recording," Streetcap1 wrote in the video description on YouTube. "To my surprise they cut transmission (attempt at joke). Anyway this has to be huge whatever it is. If it was a building it would be hundreds of miles long."

Commenting on the bizarre sighting on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, Scott C. Waring drew attention to the unusual golden color of the massive UFO.

"This UFO was seen on live ISS cam today and was caught by Streetcap1 of YouTube," he wrote. "The UFO is a totally different color that all other surroundings."

The ISS in low Earth Orbit
The International Space Station [Image via Shutterstock]He also noted that the UFO appeared to have windows that marked its bridge area. Thus, anyone lucky enough to get close to the UFO and peep through the windows would probably have seen the alien pilots busy at the console.
"There is also a dark window area which is probably the bridge of the UFO. It looks big, about 1 mile across big."
"This thing is just hovering up there, totally ignored by all the satellites, radar and security measures all governments have," Waring said.

Golden UFOs are comparatively rare in the annals of UFO folklore, but there have been a few noticeable cases in recent years.

A UFO hunter reported (Case 77399) to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that he sighted a mysterious golden UFO over Palm Harbor in Florida on July 2, 2016.

Streetcap1 also reported sighting a golden UFO in a NASA space image from the 1970s Apollo mission.
Streetcap1's allegation that NASA interrupted the live video feed is the latest in a series of accusations against NASA that it deliberately cuts transmission when mysterious UFOs appear on the live ISS video feed. According to UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists, NASA deliberately cuts live transmission as part of an inflexible policy of covering up evidence of extraterrestrial life. And the agency's repeated denials don't seem to have helped because no sooner has NASA denied a claim than UFO hunters come up with a new accusation against the agency.

Accusations against NASA came to a head in January 2015 when cover-up allegations by UFO hunters went viral online.

The Inquisitr reported on January 14, 2015, that UFO hunter Toby Lundh claimed NASA cut the live stream abruptly on January 6, 2015, after a massive UFO appeared on the ISS live feed. But it was alleged widely that the footage presented as evidence was a hoax.

The Inquisitr also reported on January 15, 2015, on another claim by Streetcap1 that NASA cut its ISS video feed as soon as a mysterious grey UFO appeared rising over the Earth's horizon (see YouTube below).

The allegations sparked an uproar among members of the UFO community that caught the attention of the general public. And amid the outrage directed against NASA, the agency's protestations of innocence went largely unnoticed.

Waring stoked the outcry against NASA on his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

"NASA did it again! A UFO shows up on live public Internet cam and NASA takes it off line."
"UFOs are caught by researchers on a weekly basis and NASA does cut the line when they catch them," Waring declared. "However the eggheads at NASA are not always focused on the screen and miss a lot of very interesting and sometimes very highly detailed UFOs."

But following a recent cover-up accusation against NASA, the agency waived its policy of not commenting on alleged UFO sightings by issuing a statement that gained attention.

The Inquistr reported in April 2016 that Waring accused NASA of interrupting the live feed after high definition cameras mounted outside the International Space Station captured a horseshoe-shaped UFO approaching the space station.

According to Waring, NASA attempted on Sunday, April 17, 2016, to hide the presence of a mysterious glowing UFO approaching the International Space Station by interrupting the live feed for several seconds with its infamous blue screen.

By the time transmission resumed, the mysterious UFO had disappeared.

According to The Inquisitr, a NASA spokesperson, Tabitha Thompson, responded to the allegation, saying that NASA never intentionally shuts down the live feed, and the loss of video was due usually to loss of signals.

Another agency spokesperson debunked claimed UFO sightings around the ISS, saying that most were "reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth."

"NASA or Never A Straight Answer, as they are better known have been lying to everybody for many years."
But as the latest claimed sighting by Streetcap1 demonstrates, NASA's statements denying cover-up allegations have not deterred alien and UFO hunters. Instead, the denials have sparked heated denunciations of the agency by members of the UFO community.

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