'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon' Starter Evolution Leak Confirmed By Official Pokemon Trailer!

When cross-referenced with a certain set of images that leaked a while back, recently released Pokemon Sun and Moon footage practically confirms the appearances of the final stages of the three starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well as lots of other juicy information about Pokemon's upcoming seventh-generation titles.

Last night, Pokemon's official YouTube channel released a five-minute trailer jam-packed with never-before-seen Pokemon Sun and Moon content. Even more so than most of the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailers released periodically over the past few months, this one gave Pokemon fans a lot to be excited about -- the full list of reveals is available at Serebii. New Pokemon, new game mechanics, an alternative to the Pokemon league structure present in all other main series Pokemon games... a lot of new information was given.

One thing that was not addressed, however, involves a subject that Pokemon fans have been discussing with great interest ever since the Pokemon Sun and Moonstarters were revealed on May 10 in a trailer covered by The Inquisitr. I am referring to the starters' evolutions.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what typings and physical characteristics the three starter Pokemon might take on after evolving. The Inquisitr even documented an instance back in mid-May when internet users thought they had cracked the mystery of the evolutions' typings. No really conclusive evidence of the evolutions was ever found, though -- until now, that is.

Those following the Pokemon Sun and Moon hype train might be familiar with a certain Chinese leak that came out several weeks ago and contained images of what were supposedly the final evolutions of the three starter Pokemon, Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio.

The leak also included some information about the rest of Pokemon Sun and Moon in text form. Although some of the assertions made in the leak seemed entirely believable, it did not really seem much more legitimate than the scores of other expertly fabricated fake Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks on the internet.

With what was revealed in last night's official Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, though, virtually all doubt that this leak is anything less that legit has been eliminated.

One of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay elements revealed in the trailer was the addition of Tribal Captains, figures who the player presumably has to battle to progress through the game. There are four tribal captains, one for each island of Alola, and they are grass, water, electric, and fire-type Pokemon specialists, respectively.

The grass-type Tribal Captain is Mallow, a girl in short overalls who has long hair with a flower stuck in it. Still images of Mallow and the three other Tribal Captains are shown off in the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.

Now, compare the image of Mallow from Pokemon's official trailer to the leak mentioned above. In specific, take a look at the trainer crouching down next to one of the images of the fire-type starter Pokemon.

You'll see that the resemblance between Mallow and the Pokemon trainer in the leak is absolutely uncanny; too much so to be a coincidence.

Keep in mind that Mallow was just revealed to the public yesterday. There would have been absolutely no way anyone without insider information from the Pokemon company could have known Mallow's design until it was officially revealed in last night's trailer.

The thing is, the leak clearly depicting Mallow came out long before she was revealed to be part of the Pokemon universe.

This fact basically confirms the reliability of the leak, which means that all of the other Pokemon Sun and Moon information presented in the leak can be assumed to be similarly accurate. Does that mean the starter Pokemon evolutions shown are what we will be getting?

Yes, most of the Pokemon fandom seems to agree, it's a safe assumption that it does.

The other Pokemon Sun and Moon information included in the all-but-confirmed leak, according to Pokejungle, is as follows:

  • The anime's Ash-Greninja will appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon
  • Alolan Rattata and Raticate are Dark-type
  • Alolan Butterfree is Bug/Psychic
  • Alolan Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam are Fighting-type
  • Alolan Nidoking and Nidoqueen are Poison/Fighting-type
  • Alolan Growlithe and Arcanine are Water-type
  • Alolan Doduo and Dodrio are Fighting/Flying-type
  • The previous versions of Pokemon which have taken on new forms will only be accessible by bringing in from older games
  • Furfrou gets new styles
  • A new cat Pokemon varies in type and appearance based on breeding
  • There is a new snowman Pokemon line with two stages and it is Ice/Ghost
  • Not to get hopes up, but there may be two final evolutions for each starter
  • There will be no traditional Gyms and no Pokémon League in Alola. Your goal is to actually create one. After you do, an Elite Four will appear which are the leaders of each island
  • The diamond stones will be collectible throughout the region and act similarly to Mega Stones but not exactly
  • New Pokemon based on a dolphin, sea cucumber, snowman, mushroom and a rugby monkey are there
  • Rockruff's evolution is a Werewolf
The point about Pokemon's traditional eight-gym structure being eschewed also seems to speak to the legitimacy of the leak, since the presence of Tribal Captains, Kahunas, and Totem Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon strongly suggests gym leaders will not be needed to present a challenge to the player.
What do you think about this Pokemon Sun and Moon leak? Can it be confirmed at this point? And if so, does that mean everything said in the leak can be assumed to be true?

[Image via Pokemon]