August 3, 2016
WWE Rumors: WWE Could Be Planning Feud Between Paige & Stephanie McMahon

Paige hasn't been featured strongly on WWE programming for quite some time now. Towards the end of last year, she turned heel and challenged Charlotte for the WWE Divas Championship in what became an intense feud that really put Charlotte over as the top performer in the Divas' division. Charlotte may have been the woman to finally beat Nikki Bella and end the longest title reign in WWE history, but Paige made her feel like a WWE champion after their feud was finished.

Since then, Paige has been bouncing from match to match without much character on WWE programming. She's been involved in some mini feuds over the year and turned face again, but the former two-time WWE Divas Champion hasn't had anything to sink her teeth into on WWE television. Unfortunately, that has continued through WWE's brand extension as of this writing.

The news surrounding Paige has been about her relationship with fellow WWE SuperstarAlberto Del Rio. News has been based on what has been posted on social media by the couple, but it has also been reported that the two WWE superstars are unhappy about being drafted to different brands after WWE's brand extension. Aside from the possibility of WWE acknowledging their relationship on WWE programming in some kind of angle, Paige remains stuck in the midcard of WWE's Women's division.

Stephanie McMahon Cuts a Promo on Monday night Raw
[Image via WWE]However, there could be a feud brewing for Paige that could bring her to heights that she's never reached before by feuding with the top female on the WWE ladder. It's not Charlotte or even Sasha Banks; it's Stephanie McMahon. She is the Commissioner of Raw and a top figure of authority in WWE. She rarely gets into the ring, but it means something special when she does wrestle.

The last time Stephanie had a match was against Brie Bella at WWE Summerslam 2014. She had carried the promo work of the feud, but most people expected Bella to take control in the ring, but Stephanie proved to be pretty solid for someone who only wrestles once a decade in WWE. She ended up winning the match, but there is a possibility of her getting back into the ring soon.

According to an article from Sportskeeda, WWE could give Paige her edge back in a feud with Stephanie McMahon, which would eventually lead to a big match situation at WWE Survivor Series or maybe even Wrestlemania 33. The logic behind the idea would be to give Paige an anti-authority angle on WWE television based on her current frustrations with "the system."

Paige Claims WWE is
[Image via WWE]When Paige was on NXT, she was known as the "anti-diva," which was a brilliant way to differentiate herself in a WWE when the Divas division still ruled the company. Many people were unhappy when she came to WWE's main roster, began to turn that shtick down to become more marketable as a WWE superstar, and went from being the "anti-diva" to being on Total Divas.

For Paige to feud with Stephanie McMahon, she would have to bring back that anti-authority character to defy the WWE way of doing things on Raw. Paige would have right to be disgruntled because an argument could easily be made that the women's movement within WWE started because of her and her work in NXT.

She defied the look of a marketable WWE Diva but settled to become something she isn't. That's a believable storyline that the WWE Universe would get behind and would make Paige an anti-hero. That would be a unique role for her to play. Eventually, the feud between Paige and Stephanie would have to lead to a match, but there are many different ways to pull that off.

The promos would be great because Paige can be really cutting when she has something to say. In the ring, Paige would have to carry Stephanie, but she's not going to be a liability based on her match with Brie Bella two years ago. The feud may never come to pass, but it shows that there is little reason why Paige should be floating around WWE without a story. The possibility of her becoming passionate again on WWE programming is always good television.

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