Drake: Joe Budden Finally Comes Clean About Drizzy Diss

Drake and Joe Budden have been butting heads over the last few weeks. Now, Joe finally addresses, in detail, what happened.

After dropping four, Drake diss tracks, Budden appears in an interview on Andrew Schulz‘s show, The Brilliant Idiots.

Many people didn’t quite catch why Joe Budden started beefing with Drake, or vice versa. However, during this interview, the scenario becomes crystal clear.

If you recall, Budden discussed Drake’s Views album on his podcast. During that particular segment, some of the things Joe said wasn’t cool with Drake.

As the interview begins, Budden is discussing Drake’s lyrics on “4pm in Calabasas.”

Essentially, Joe states that he wasn’t sure whether Drizzy aimed any of those lyrics at him.

“I don’t know if Drake was dissing me, or just trying to crush how people felt,” mentions Budden. “‘Cause I don’t really care about all that ‘No.1’, ‘nine weeks’…all of that is beautiful. I don’t give a f**k about none of that.”

So, as time progressed, Joe notes that the Drake/French Montana “Pump It Up” clip was the trigger that grabbed his attention.

Even at that time, Budden says that he didn’t act because he figured some money was coming down the pipeline for the simple play-on-words. Plus, he hadn’t heard the whole verse.

“They flip songs all the time,” Joe reasons. “Maybe they’ll flip ‘Pump It Up’ and that’s it.”

Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

After the clip’s “leak,” Joe Budden mentions that several people began to contact him.

Likewise, Joe says that he finally got a chance to hear what was said for himself.

“Now, I’m hurt. I’m appalled that that n***a, who know my pen game…he know I don’t play…he know I don’t care about none of that fame, success, attention, none of that. He know what I do…and you want to use your ‘celebrity’ to do that to me??”

Budden further expressed his surprise by saying, “We smoked Hookah together!”

If you’re interested in watching Joe Budden’s “Drake” interview, it’s located in the video below.

Charlamagne Tha God was also in the studio during the interview and chimed in that he could appreciate Drake’s musical response rather than a response via tweets.

As the interview continues, the Brilliant Idiots cast alludes that Drake has always been a lyrical fan of Budden. And, if he knew what Joe could do to him over bars, why would he attempt to take it there with the rapper?

After Drake’s response, Budden mentioned that he released “Making A Murderer” exclusively for Drizzy.

“I’m aware of the bars,” says Joe. “I was only ever concerned with how he was affected…I don’t care about what the public thought. So, when I put those hundred-something bars down…it’s only for him.”

He mentions that the level of code within the diss track kept the public in the dark, for the most part. However, Drake supposedly knew what it all meant.

Moreover, Joe noted that he knew when Drake was also throwing subliminal messages.

“I know that gentleman…he does it all the time…but you’re not going to do that to me,” expresses Budden.

Joe added that if Drake thought that the “Pump It Up” rapper was so insignificant that he could toss subliminal disses into tracks and no one would notice, it’s still the fact that Budden would know himself.

And, to that, he mentions it’s his job to “call it all out.”

So, Budden notes that Drake took too so long to respond due to the business side of his music and artist situation.

However, Joe states that he’s never really had that issue, so he was able to toss out four diss tracks back to back — no pun intended.

Budden clarified that he released four tracks in order to send a message. The message was to ensure that Drake wouldn’t utter another word about “Joe.”

Do you think he succeeded? Did Drake bow out? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Brandon Wade/AP Images]