‘Celebrity Big Brother 18’ 2016 News: Frankie Grande Gets Nomination For Eviction, And Is ‘Stunned’ When Houseguest Exposes Himself In Shower

During his time in the Big Brother 16 house, Frankie Grande was no shrinking violet and, at times, was the life of the party. Although he walked into the United Kingdom’s Celebrity Big Brother 18 house and seemed to be loved by all – both British and American – one of his fellow houseguests felt he was spending too much time with cast members from his native land.

In addition, Frankie got an eye full of another cast member, who “stunned” the older brother of pop star Ariana Grande, by calling him into the shower to take a look at “the Full Monty,” according to Digital Spy.

On Monday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 18, nominations for eviction took place, but the process is quite different from that which takes place on the U.S. version of Big Brother.

In the U.K., there is no Head of Household (HOH), so each houseguest is responsible for anonymously nominating two houseguests each, and must provide Big Brother with a valid reason for each nomination made.

The cast mates with the most votes are then placed on the chopping block, but depending upon the week, the number varies as to how many people are actually up for eviction. Additionally, those cast members who receive just one or two votes remain safe.

U.K. Big Brother takes these nominations very seriously and houseguests are strictly forbidden from talking about them in any way, shape, or form. If cast members violate this rule, punishment is doled out to the entire house, not just those who strayed from Big Brother’s strict mandates. This creates tension in the house since those who followed the show’s requirements are punished alongside the perpetrators.

After it is determined who is up for eviction, the public decides who will be sent home by voting for the individual they want to see gone. Unlike U.S. Big Brother, there is no Power of Veto (POV) or chance for safety for those sitting on the chopping block, with the exception of a possible twist thrown in by production here or there.

During this week’s nominations, the first of the season, U.K. reality star Marnie Simpson gave Frankie his one and only nomination. She told Big Brother she chose Frankie to place on the eviction block because he never approached her to talk, and was spending too much time isolated away with the other Americans in the Celebrity Big Brother house, singer Aubrey O’Day, and Mob Wives star Renee Graziano.

Marnie said the following to Big Brother while making her nominations in the Diary Room.

“I’ve noticed Frankie does kind of like stick with the Americans maybe a little bit too much. He only really speaks to us if I speak to him… he hasn’t really come up… With everyone he hasn’t really tried to dive into a deep conversation with us.”

It should be noted that like Frankie, Renee also received one nomination for eviction. Hers was made by U.K. personality Grant Bovey, to whom she unknowingly returned the favor, as she nominated him for eviction as well.

Frankie also nominated Grant for eviction, telling Big Brother in the Diary Room that Grant, “likes to be more isolated… I would feel more comfortable if we were a more cohesive unit…,” according to Telly Mix. Frankie’s reason for nominating Grant is somewhat ironic, as Marnie virtually nominated Frankie to go home for the very same thing.

In the end, Aubrey received no nominations, and since Frankie and Renee only received one each, they fell way below Celebrity Big Brother’s radar. Thus, there are two Brits facing eviction this week, Grant, and radio host James Whales.

To top the episode off, U.K. reality star Lewis Bloor called Frankie into the Celebrity Big Brother shower stall to ask Frankie his opinion about the size of his “piece,” reports Unreality TV.

According to Digital Spy, Frankie answered Lewis in the affirmative and took a glimpse at the U.K. reality star displaying himself in all his glory, with Frankie leaving the shower stall “smiling-but-clearly stunned…”

[Image via Channel 5]