Celine Dion Returns To Her Canadian Roots With Sold-Out Concerts

Celine Dion is happy to be away from The Strip for a while, as she kicked off a series of concerts in Montreal, one of Canada’s predominantly French-speaking cities. Celine’s heart for concerts goes on and on like the Energizer bunny. According to Yahoo, she is slated for “17 sold-out shows in Quebec this month — 10 in Montreal, five in Quebec City and two in Trois-Rivieres — before returning to Las Vegas.”

Now compare that schedule with, say, Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber, who usually averages one or two concerts per week. You will find just how much of a workaholic Celine Dion is, who turned 48 last month.

“The Show Must Go On” is a Queen song, but Celine made it hers when she accepted Billboard’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Las Vegas in May with an extraordinary cover of the tune. The diva is quick to say that her powerful rendition of the single is her way of paying tribute to her late husband and manager René Angélil, who passed away from a three-year bout with throat cancer on January 14.

Nothing can stop Celine Dion, who tells CTV News that she was ecstatic to be home as she finds audience reception of her Montreal concert “over the top.”

The last time Celine was in the city was to bury her husband. During the wake, she wore a black veil, but that didn’t stop her from personally thanking everyone who came to pay their last respects to René. The “I Drove All Night” singer confides to ET that she wants to honor her late husband with a tattoo on her body. The following are Celine Dion’s exact words on the matter.

“Since my husband passed away, they can make the tattoo as his heartbeat. So, I might have his heartbeat on my body for the rest of my life.”

The singer’s response when she was asked to choose between fashion and comfort in a game called “This or That” gives us an eye view to what makes Celine tick.

“I don’t care about comfort. The day you start thinking about comfort, you’re getting old. And I’m just starting, so I’m not getting old!”

Celine Dion revealed exclusively to ET that she is already hard at work on her next English-language album. Most likely, the album will include “Recovery,” a song recently composed by Pink in honor of Celine. For sure, Celine’s fans are dying to hear the pop diva sing the song.

The last time Celine had a concert in the Canadian province of Quebec was seven years ago — so it was definitely way overdue. You could just imagine how hungry her folks are to hear the nightingale’s voice live on stage. She was born in Quebec in the city of Charlemagne. René was a native of Montreal.

Celine tells Yahoo that what she misses the most about her birth province are the fresh grass and the green trees. She plans on indulging in Quebec junk food such as “greasy french fries, real steamy hot dogs, St-Hubert BBQ, Schwartz’s (smoked meat), Dic Ann’s (hamburgers), poutine.”

Moment cocasse lors de notre arrivée à Paris. ✈️ A humorous moment upon arrival in Paris!

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She also says that all of her children are doing very well. Celine took them with her to Paris during her string of concerts in late June and early July. Celine says that her eldest son, René-Charles, is taking very well to being in the spotlight even though he wasn’t raised that way. The star confides that he tends to spend a lot of time on his hair, which is one of the hallmarks of celebrities. René-Charles also doesn’t seem to mind signing autographs and having selfies taken with his mom’s burgeoning fanbase.

For her part, Celine Dion recently made a major fashion overhaul in her celebrity wardrobe, a switch that many discriminating fashionistas were quick to notice. With her preference for fashion over comfort, she has quickly transformed herself into a music-and-fashion-diva in one in no time.

Un salut habillé @balmain Bye bye in @balmain Styliste @luxurylaw

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