10 year old girl fined $50 for operating a lemonade stand without a license

Duncan Riley

Life imitates the Simpsons: a 10 year old New York girl has been fined $50 for operating a lemonade stand without a license.

Clementine Lee set up a lemonade stand in Riverside Park, New York Saturday as a way to raise some pocket money, but that was before not one, but three city officials pounced on her illegal operation.

"I was kind of nervous, and I also really felt bad because I didn't know I was doing something against the law," Clementine told local media. "They made me feel really, really bad, and scared at the same time," Clemetine said. "We could have gotten into really big trouble and gotten arrested or something."

A spokesperson for the New York Parks Department says that the three agents "showed poor judgment" (you think so?) and that the ticket will be dismissed.

For the record, Clementine had managed to sell $19 worth of lemonade before being slapped with the $50 fine.