Kendra Caldwell Duggar's Father Has A Controversial Past

Kendra Caldwell Duggar married into what some refer to as "fundie royalty" when she tied the knot with her sweetheart, Joseph Duggar, earlier this year. The young bride and her husband married three months ago in a televised ceremony with over 1,000 of their closest friends, and fans of Counting On are already on baby bump watch. All of Joseph's (or Joe as he is known to his family) siblings have announced that they are expecting roughly three months after their wedding date, with the exception of his sister, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, so the time is ripe for the pair to make an announcement.

The Caldwell family was featured on Counting On a few times during her courtship with Joseph Duggar, and was heavily featured on Kendra Caldwell Duggar's wedding special due to the fact that her father married Joe and Kendra.

While the Duggar family has not been immune to scandal (2015 was an especially rough year for the mega-family, as not one, but two fiercely protected family secrets got out, one of which involved sexual abuse), neither has Kendra Caldwell Duggar's family themselves.

Kendra Caldwell Duggar's father, who many fans commented on how young he looked when featured on the show, is the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The family moved there in 2008 after a stint in Virginia.

Kendra Caldwell Duggar's father has also had some controversy attributed to him, one that is similar to Kendra's new brother-in-law, Derick Dillard.

In 2014, Reverend Paul Caldwell and his church distributed pamphlets that not only questioned whether God loves the LGBTQ community, but also stated that homosexuality is a myth. This is akin to Derick Dillard's words, as he tweeted that the transgender identity is a myth while attacking transgender teen, Jazz Jennings.

Paul Caldwell later stated that he hadn't meant to offend anyone by the pamphlet, but later ran for an Arkansas State Representative in that same year. Paul was endorsed by Josh Duggar before his scandals were revealed. Josh is Joe's eldest brother.

Though Kendra Caldwell Duggar's father has expressed some controversial views, it appears the families get along well and are happy to have her with them.