Britney Spears’ ‘Make Me’: Rumors Of Video Release, Possible ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Performance And Upcoming Album

Despite dropping the salacious “Make Me” about two weeks ago, singer Britney Spears has yet to promote the lead single of her upcoming ninth album outside of her social media accounts. That may, however, be finally changing, especially if several statements and actions made by Britney regarding the G-Eazy collaboration are to be believed.

In her first radio interview since the song’s release, Spears revealed to Australian radio DJ’s Rove & Sam that the visual for “Make Me,” which was, as mentioned by the Inquisitr, rumored to have been held back due to it being overtly sexual, does still exist.

“The video that I just shot is me and all my girls making guys audition for us,” she explained to the radio DJs. “The whole theme is us basically playing with them. It’s really kind of fun.”

Spears’ light synopsis definitely falls in line with the unauthorized clips of the “Make Me” music video that have floating around online. Unfortunately, according to Breathe Heavy, who reported on the conversation, Spears refrained from giving a definitive, public release date for the sensual clip. What she did do, however, is clarify that we will be receiving a new album from her before the year is out — even if, like the “Make Me” video release, she doesn’t know when it will occur.

“I really have no idea when it’s supposed to come out,” she shared, while adding that #B9 — a title fans have used to converse about the album on social media — is full of songs about, “being in love, [and] being a hopeless romantic. [It’s a] female empowerment [record with] lot of [songs] for girls.”

Truth be told, there might be a slight possibility that Britney was being purposefully coy about both of the long-awaited releases. In a preview for the line-up of Jimmy Kimmel Live episodes that are set to run between August 1-5, Spears appears on-screen and says that she is bringing a “surprise” to the ABC late-night talk show.

“See what happens,” Britney teases, regarding the upcoming appearance.

As for what the surprise is, fans have smartly deduced that either the “Make Me” video will make its world premiere on the show, or Spears will actually perform it live for the first-time ever. If that latter assumption is true, it will be Britney’s second television performance this year, following her live medley of hits at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

britney spears make me
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When it comes to the overall album, a memo from entertainment conglomerate Sony Global might hold some hints. As also shared by Breathe Heavy, a PDF from the company’s server that includes a list of soon-to-come release dates makes mention of a Britney album dropping on September 1. Although seemingly odd due to that date falling on a Thursday (whereas most albums are released on Fridays), Breathe Heavy claims that the inclusion might be a placeholder for the album release, especially as there is no set title of #B9 known at the current moment.

“Make Me” made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 last week at No. 17, becoming Spears’ 34th entry on the chart, and her sixth-highest debut overall. Although its premiere on Australia’s ARIA chart was much lower than that (No. 39), it still managed to become her 31st top-40 hit in that continent. The music video for “Make Me” was directed by famed photographer Dave LaChappelle, who last worked with Spears on “Everytime,” a 2004 ballad from her In The Zone LP. LaChapelle also shot Britney for her first Rolling Stone cover back in 2000.

A supposed follow-up single, “Private Show,” can be heard in the commercial for Spears’ latest fragrance, which shares its name with the seductive tune. No word on when “Private Show” will be heard in full.

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