National Girlfriend Day: How To Celebrate Your Girlfriends

Today is National Girlfriend Day and there are two approaches to this holiday. Some celebrate National Girlfriend Day by appreciating the close friendships they have with their women friends. Others celebrate National Girlfriend Day as a romantic observation and extend the holiday to their wives. Regardless of how you approach National Girlfriend Day, today is a time to celebrate the special women in your life. Twitter has been full of people sharing photos and videos regarding how they are celebrating their girlfriends by using the hashtag #nationalgirlfriendday. There are plenty of ways to observe this special day, and you’ll find many ideas in the videos below. If you do something special today or tonight, make sure to send a tweet or share a Facebook post using the #nationalgirlfriendday hashtag.

For those celebrating friendships with other women on National Girlfriend Day, there are plenty of ways to recognize those relationships. Most important is to make sure you reach out and spend time together. For those who have friendships in other cities, states or countries, you might want to send an email, text, set up a chat or make a phone call. There are e-cards that you can send as well, that are often a great way to send a personalized message that lets your girlfriends know you are thinking of them. Just reaching out to let your friends know that you are thinking about them is often all that is needed to celebrate National Girlfriend Day.

Photos are a great way to celebrate National Girlfriend Day. You can pull photos out of the closet, create a special friendship photo album, make a scrapbook or use the computer to make some new photo collages. Anything that is a token or reminder of good times spent together can be photographed into a collage and then shared through social media networks. Take pictures of items that remind you of your girlfriends such as friendship bracelets, concert ticket stubs or anything that is a memento of your friendship. Don’t let distance keep you from celebrating the friends in your life. National Girlfriend Day is a time to remember special friendships and there’s no better way to do that than with photos.

Those who have girlfriends nearby might want to get together and celebrate National Girlfriend Day in person. One of the best ways to celebrate this holiday is by throwing a party specifically for your friends. You can also plan to get together for an indoor or outdoor activity. Go out to dinner, hit a club, go camping or spend some time at the beach. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you and your girlfriends are together. A party is a great way to celebrate, and you can even make the theme of the party girlfriend related. Check out these tips for a fun summer party designed specifically for girlfriends.

You can even spend time at the party celebrating National Girlfriend Day and friendships through arts and crafts. Why not make mementos at the party like friendship bracelets? Each girl can make friendship bracelets then give them as a permanent reminder of the party and the special bond each girl has. You can also take lots of photos for collages and even write friendship based poetry. You could have everyone write all of your friends’ names in an acrostic poem and vice versa. These poems will make a lasting impression as they will consist of the characteristics and traits of each friend.

Those who are celebrating National Girlfriend Day in a romantic manner should make sure to take their girlfriends out somewhere special. You don’t need to have a lot of money to let your girlfriend know she’s important to you. If you can’t afford to buy roses, then pick wildflowers. If you can’t bring her to a concert then write her a song and sing to her. If you can’t afford a movie then write her a poem. There are many ways to celebrate National Girlfriend Day. More important than how you celebrate it, is that you take the time and effort to celebrate.

How will you celebrate National Girlfriend Day?

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