New ‘Riders of Icarus’ Update Launches: New Mounts, Areas And Level Cap Increase Hit MMO

Riders of Icarus is currently in open beta, but that hasn’t stopped the game from offering players plenty to do. Case in point; the developers of the CRYENGINE powered MMO launched the latest update to their free-to-play title last week. “Blight of Frost Keep” gives Icarus players more and more to do, as well as providing players with a higher level cap to reach.

The new high-level content is the first of what developer WeMade has planned for Riders of Icarus. These updates are designed to add more experiences, challenges, and depth to the game world.

“We are excited and grateful to see such a positive response from players in Open Beta,” said Hoon Seok, producer, WeMade said in a press release. “We have so much more content to come, and can’t wait until it’s ready to share with the community. Their feedback continues to be immensely valuable in helping us grow and shape the game.”

The “Blight of the Frost Keep” update includes an all-new zone, as well as unique mounts to capture and tame. The zone, which is called Parna’s Coast, is a new, snow-covered land filled with danger. Parna’s Coast also introduces a frost mist that permeates throughout the area, which the developer claims can affect an unsuspecting player’s mobility if they aren’t prepared for the danger. Additionally, Parna’s Coast features an all-new “Field Raid” for players to team up and vanquish.

In keeping with the Riders of Icarus update’s name, the Frost Keep is also added with the patch, giving players who have reached level 34 a new dungeon to explore. According to the official website, the Frost Keep is the stronghold of the Frost Guard and their leader, Rondo Terramunce.

“Inside this barren and lifeless keep, you’ll have the opportunity to find new ghostly familiars to add to your collection. Then challenge the boss, Rondo himself! Don’t underestimate his abilities that will freeze you in your tracks or slow you to a crawl.”

Riders who are level 28 and above can still find some fun in the new update as the Cavern of the Veil is live as well. This cavern is a gigantic underground cave ready for Riders to explore. However, there are a variety of bosses which make the cavern dangerous if you’re not careful. Riders of Icarus has a trick up its sleeve as the Cavern of the Veil will also have its final challenge shift from time to time, making each run through different than the last. Players can expect to battle one boss from a list that includes Skalion, High Priest Killian, Ankelion or the “all-seeing Radan’s Eye.” Also, the cavern houses a rare familiar.

Blight of Frost Keep Update Preview Riders of Icarus
The new familiars added in the Riders of Icarus update. [image via WeMade Entertainment/Nexon]

Speaking of familiars, Blight of the Frost Keep introduces many new familiars, such as the Venomous Caspert, Karas, and Terror Keraw, as pictured above. One of the major design elements of Riders of Icarus is the ability to tame and use a variety of mounts, so adding new mounts periodically is key to keeping the content fresh. The patch notes don’t detail exactly how and where in the new content you’ll be able to tame, or even find, these new creatures, so Riders should keep an eye out in every corner of Parna’s Coast.

Lastly, the new update brings Guild Alliances to Riders of Icarus in preparation for upcoming large-scale PVP content. The game claims that players will see their alliance and fame grow throughout the game world. These alliances are key to the upcoming Alliance PvP feature, which will be added in the coming weeks, according to the developer. Guilds need to be at least level three and pay 10 gold to the Alliance Master NPC. Whichever Guild creates the alliance can invite up to two other guilds, which must also meet the level requirements, to the alliance. Guilds can only be in one alliance at a time, so Guild members need to choose carefully. These alliances will be put to the test in the upcoming Mass Alliance PvP feature. A new area, known as the Exarahn Badlands will be added to facilitate these battles.

“When you enter the Exarahn Badlands, you’ll see everyone in your party, guild, and Alliance as friendly. All others are the enemy. You must do your best in order to hunt and kill players in the opposing Alliance. The first side that accumulates 200 kills of players in the opposing Alliance wins and their victory shall be declared to all players on the server!”

The update for Riders of Icarus is available now to Icarus players. Are you playing the Blight of the Frost Keep update for Riders of Icarus? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via WeMade Entertainment/Nexon]