Obama Crashes Wedding, Leaves Awesome Note And Gift To Couple Whose Big Day Was Interrupted By Campaign Rally

An Iowa couple were simultaneously at the center of and inconvenienced by a big political to-do earlier this month when their long looked-forward to wedding was inadvertently crashed by President Barack Obama’s campaign and a nearby rally.

As President Obama goes hard in swing states, the couple happened to be in the Commander-in-Chief’s campaign trail, which kind of stomped across their wedding plans. Jon and Sayli Gibbs are “not registered Democrats,” and in a good place to find the whole ordeal highly annoying.

But the Gibbses took the incident in stride, especially since President Obama was not only aware of their wedding and the imposition of his rally — he also send them a nice note and a very fancy gift. So while their wedding was interrupted a bit, they got a hell of a story in return.

Sayli Gibbs said she had planned for “a rustic and vintage wedding,” and “thought the barn would be perfect for that.” But she was unable to plan for the President’s appearance on September 1, and only found out about it a week in advance. (Which is very last-minute, in bridal terms.)

Jon Gibbs said:

“Just our luck, type of thing … That’s kind of how we were both like, oh yeah, figures the one place we choose, the president also chooses.”

While Sayli had to truck across a field with help from her bridesmaids, Jon Gibbs explains that a note where “everything has the presidential seal” came straight from the President. And along with a silver tray and mint julep cup, the letter read:

“Congratulations on the wedding. Michelle and I wish you a great life together. Barack Obama.”

Jon Gibbs admits:

“I mean, what do you do with a mint julep cup? You have to make a mint julep … So I used it the first night for sure.”

He adds:

“Love him or hate him, it’s a gift from the president.”

Both admit that despite the fact they’re not automatic Obama fans, they would definitely not do it over without their brush with the leader of the free world on their big day. Would you be excited if Obama crashed your wedding?