‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Season 3 Brings Multiple Engagements, Who Falls In Love?

Season 3 of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise is about to begin, and spoilers tease that this should be an epic one. Many cast-offs from both Ben Higgins and JoJo Fletcher’s journeys to find love will head to Mexico to look for romance, and there are some older franchise veterans entering the mix of things, as well. The buzz is that there are multiple engagements this summer, and fans are anxious to find out which contestants find love.

Gossip guru Reality Steve is spoiling Bachelor in Paradise once again, and this time around sounds like a doozy. The format will be essentially the same as what viewers saw the first two summers, with a core group starting out together and then there will be new arrivals and frequent eliminations along the way. Will this third outing of the franchise’s summer show bring true love like what everybody saw last summer with Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert?

Show creator Mike Fleiss confirmed via Twitter that there are “multiple engagements” this summer, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers via the previews have teased a number of the franchise folks who head to Mexico aiming to find lasting love. According to Reality Steve, there will be 30 different people coming and going this summer, as the dates and eliminations play out. He notes that 19 of those 30 are from either Ben Higgins’ Bachelor run or JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette season.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, the final part of the season features a familiar scenario. The couples who remain at the end need to decide whether or not to do an overnight date together with the intention of continuing their relationship. If they do not do the overnight, then they split and head home. Teasers indicate that at this point, there will be five couples remaining, and four do the overnights.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that the couples remaining at this point will include Ashley Iaconetti and Wells Adams, Jen Saviano and Nick Viall, Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, and Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray. Fans can all surely agree that there are some interesting combinations in that mix.

In addition, Reality Steve notes that Jared Haibon and Caila Quinn both left just ahead of the final dates, and they apparently had an interest in trying to date in the real world. From the looks of their social media pages, however, that didn’t really go anywhere.

Of those final five couples, it is said that Wells splits with Ashley rather than do the overnight date. Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that she still had a thing for him, but it doesn’t look as if this relationship progressed in the real world at all. The other four pairs all do the overnights, but Nick and Jen split before heading home. It doesn’t sound as if this was a dramatic split, and there was even talk that they too might try dating in the real world. However, once again, it looks like that didn’t take off.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that the other three couples stay together after their overnights, and shockingly, all three pairs end up engaged. Given the pasts of some of these contestants, viewers definitely have reason to buzz about how long these engagements will last. Will any one, or more, of these engaged couples actually make their relationship last once they are home again? Could there be one or more weddings on the way as a result of this summer’s fun?

Which Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 engaged couple do you think is most likely to make it? Will it be Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell, or none of the engagements that last? The new season premieres on Tuesday, August 2, and will air on both Monday and Tuesday nights this summer as these Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants look for love once again.

[Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images]