‘The Bachelorette’s’ Chad Johnson Was ‘Violent’ And A Total ‘Disaster’ On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

It’s hard to believe that Chad Johnson could top his villainous behavior on The Bachelorette.

As unlikely as it sounds, the reality star landed a spot on Bachelor in Paradise and ramped up the drama to a whole new level.

During an interview with ET Online, Bachelor in Paradise stars Emily and Haley Ferguson – who appeared on The Bachelor with Ben Higgins – revealed that Johnson’s cameo was a “disaster.”

Apparently, Johnson did something so destructive that it’s never been done in the history of the franchise.

“It gets messy and violent,” Haley revealed.

Emily Ferguson and her twin sister Haley Ferguson [Image via ABC]

As far as Johnson is concerned, he doesn’t really remember anything he did on the show.

“I will be excited to tune in,” Johnson admitted. “We will all learn about Bachelor in Paradise together. “

According to People, Haley had high expectations for Johnson. In particular, she thought Johnson would finally shed his bad boy attitude and show his true colors.

“I was definitely interested in getting to know him,” she explained. “I was hoping he’d come to Paradise to redeem himself and let us know the real him.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out how Haley planned and Johnson stuck to protein hyped self.

“He’s a disaster in Paradise!” Haley admitted. “It’s super confusing because off camera he’s a great guy. He’s been through a lot.”

While Johnson is notorious for his love of meat, alcohol could be the reason he acts out so much.

“He loves his alcohol and his meat,” Haley shared.

“I think he was adding protein to some of that alcohol,” Emily added.

At least the drinking explains why Johnson doesn’t really remember anything that went down, including his violent behavior, much like his previous stint on The Bachelorette.

Considering Johnson’s action on the show, there isn’t a very good chance that he walked away finding true love.

lace morris bachelor

That being said, People is reporting that Johnson did have a strong connection with Lace Morris.

Johnson hooking up with Lace isn’t all that surprising, especially considering how Lace was also the villain in her season.

However, Johnson’s fling with Lace was short lived, which also isn’t surprising.

During the special preview clip that was shown during the “Men Tell All” special on The Bachelorette, Johnson was featured throwing Lace in the hot tub.

Apart from his potential romance with Lace, fans can also expect Johnson to rekindle his feud with Evan.

In fact, Evan is also shown in the trailer bleeding. Did Johnson injure Evan during a violent attack? Is this what Haley was referring to when she called Johnson “messy and violent?”

Sadly, fans will have to tune in to the new season of Bachelor in Paradise to see exactly what unfolds between Johnson and Evan.

As fans will recall, Johnson and Evan fought over JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette. During one of their altercations, Johnson managed to rip Evan’s shirt.

Still, things never got physically violent between the two men.

Based on the trailer and Haley’s comments, Johnson crosses that line on Bachelor in Paradise. Hopefully, for Evan’s sake, Johnson didn’t get too out of hand.

As far as the twins are concerned, they too left the show empty-handed. They did, however, start a strong friendship with former Bachelorette star Nick Viall.

nick viall bachelor in paradise 3

“He helped us get out of our comfort zone,” Emily explained in the interview. “He was like a brother to us. We love him so much!”

Despite the friendly attraction, neither sister fell in love with Viall, or anyone else for that matter.

“We kept our options open,” Haley confirmed.

Bachelor in Paradise will kick off on Tuesday night on ABC, one evening following the season finale of The Bachelorette.

Check out a preview of Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise below.

[Image via ABC]