‘Destiny: Rise Of Iron’ Increases Light Level, Brings Back Sparrow Racing League And Festival Of The Lost

Bungie is bringing more excitement back to Destiny, and Guardians will be happy to know that they’ll be able to put the pedal to the metal.

With Destiny: Rise of Iron approaching, Bungie has been releasing a steady stream of information for players who are looking to return to the game. Content has mostly been completed for a while now, and speculation is high for Destiny 2 and what it will offer. Still, the new downloadable content, Rise of Iron, will breathe life into Destiny before we see its sequel hit the shelves.

Bungie has decided to bring back two of Destiny’s events: The Sparrow Racing League and the Festival of the Lost. In a report by Eurogamer, it’s said that the events will be launched after the DLC. The Sparrow Racing League allowed players to use their Sparrows, in-game vehicles used for transportation, to maneuver around large maps and traverse terrain in order to prove who the fastest racer is.

With a party of up to six in Destiny, Guardians are able to approach each track in a variety of ways. For those who prefer speed, Sparrows are equipped to give a boost so long as the player stays inside of markers indicated along the track. Tricks and rolls can be done, as well, giving even more boost in order to take first place.

The Sparrow Racing League also offers unique items in Destiny. Players can equip pieces much like armor, donning bright colors to accentuate the experience of racing. There are even shaders available, set apart from your average color schemes as a reward for crossing the finish line. With Sparrow Racing returning to Destiny, players are sure to regain the excitement of battling it out on the racetrack if shooting enemies or gathering items gets bland.

The Festival of the Lost, another event returning to Destiny, represents Halloween. Upon arrival at the tower, players are greeted with spooky sounds and other decorations to put Guardians in the spirit. Dances, emotes, and other goodies await those who participate. The main objective of the Festival of the Lost is to collect candy and masks, reminiscent of how trick-or-treat would operate in one’s neighborhood. Paper masks, ranging from the face of Oryx to one of the many NPCs in the game, are available for the duration of the event.

As you can see, Destiny is looking to bring life back to its walls. A report from Game Informer also reveals that the Light Level will increase to 385 from 335. Furthermore, the hard version of raid content will increase the Light Level again to 400. Usually, nothing outside of raid content will see the player to such a height. Luckily, Bungie has revealed that they will be bringing a plethora of items to Destiny to coax players to pick up gun and sword once again. With new artifacts to boot, Destiny may return to its place as one of the hottest games on the market.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is set to release on September 20. If you’re interested in returning to the game, this expansion looks to be giving Bungie’s intense shooter a fresh coat of paint while adding new features. Whether you’re a player returning or a new player altogether, there’s excitement to be had for the hardcore and the casual. This DLC will hopefully last until Destiny 2, though not much information has been revealed on the sequel outside of speculation and small details.

Are you excited to play the Festival of the Lost and Sparrow League Racing events? What are your experiences with them? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image Via Bungie]