WWE News: Former WWE Superstar On Finn Balor’s Size & Who Should Win The New Championship At ‘SummerSlam’

Finn Balor’s arrival on WWE’s main roster signified a breath of fresh air, but winning two matches in one night broke down the walls of the new era and immediately vaulted him into the main event conversation. To the hardcore fans who followed Balor from Japan through his nearly two-year run at NXT, it was validation. For the casual fans, Balor represented a new hero who might have even taken Roman Reigns’ spot as RAW went off the air last week.

As noted, Balor first defeated Kevin Owens, Rusev, and Cesaro to advance to the main event where he beat Reigns to earn a shot at the WWE Universal Championship against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Original plans called for Reigns to be the one to face Rollins at the big pay-per-view this summer, but his Wellness Policy violation forced Vince McMahon and WWE officials to call an audible.

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So while Reigns’ SummerSlam plans are now up in the air, Finn Balor has cemented himself into one of the top four matches on the card with a unique opportunity to become the first-ever WWE Universal Champion. While most WWE fans rejoiced in the prospects of a Balor/Rollins feud and match, there were a few that were left scratching their head over the decision.

Most notably, Ric Flair questioned the move by saying,”If I’m looking at what’s going to draw money, what I would pay to see, I would pay to see Dolph against Ambrose before I’d pay to see Finn Bálor against Seth Rollins.” Flair qualified his comments by saying he was a fan of Balor, comparing him to the likes of Dynamite Kid, but cruiserweights like those two should never be headlining big WWE pay-per-views.

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And so, the debate rages on. Former WWE superstar and TNA star Matt Morgan was a guest on the Wrestling Inc podcast to give his take on the Balor size argument. Morgan, a monster of a man himself, interestingly said that Balor’s size should not and would not prevent him from reaching the pinnacle in WWE.

“We’re finally kind of, sort of passed that era of bigger is better. Finn [has] got a great physique on him. If he was scrawny, that’d be one thing. If he was fat, that would be another. He [has] got a good build on him. He looks like an athlete is the bottom line… I’ve always said as a [professional] wrestler, you’d better look like an asskicker or you’d better look like some sort of topflight athlete, if not both. And I think Finn gives you that topflight athlete look. I definitely do. So I think he can get away with a little bit more. He’s innovative enough to know how to go against bigger guys because he worked in Japan, and working that strong style, he knows how to make his stuff look believable because he lays his stuff in when he needs to.”

As far as whether Balor or Rollins should walk away as the new champion, Morgan compares this potential rivalry to that of the Charlotte and Sasha Banks feud in regards to the babyface chasing the championship, but he questions whether today’s fans have the patience to see it play out.

“You want to say Rollins just because, but there is no benefit in that. The bigger benefit here is to put it on Bálor, in my opinion. But, then again, are you giving him too much too quick? A lot of people like to see the babyface chase [the title]. We’re eliminating that if he wins the title right away. Seth Rollins needs to win via cheating in a major cheat job, major screw job, not something that’s cheesy and predictable, but something really screwish, heelish, where we now want to pay money to go see Finn Bálor hand him his ass one day and watch the journey like we just watched [Monday night] á la Sasha Banks versus Charlotte.”

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