John Cena Impersonates Hillary Clinton As Host Of Teen Choice Awards [VIDEO]

John Cena and Victoria Justice brought down the house as hosts of the 2016 Teen Choice Awards and managed to ensure that the show was full of laughs, emotions and fun for audience members and viewers alike. The two megastars kicked off the night’s events with some comedy and physical stunts, and the audience couldn’t get enough. Perhaps one of the most fun moments of the night included Victoria Justice’s attempt to wrestle John Cena, who we all know as a WWE superstar. Though she gave it her best effort, she couldn’t manage to best her towering co-host.

The stars who were honored throughout the show included Captain America himself, Chris Evans (no surprise there), the semi-defunct One Direction, and of course, who could forget JT. Justin Timberlake was honored with the Decade Award (like there was ever any doubt) for his contribution to music and entertainment. His acceptance speech was nothing short of award-winning all on its own. Do yourself a favor and watch it here now.

One of the highlights of the night’s events came when the two donned costumes that represented our current presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The twist? Victoria Justice played Donald Trump, complete with a power tie and Trump wig, and John Cena dressed in a bright pink pantsuit, complete with pearls and a blonde bob as Hillary Clinton. Cena’s version of Hillary towered over Victoria’s version of Trump in stature, but it was Victoria Justice’s impersonation of Donald Trump’s voice that had the audience rolling. Keegan-Michael Kay did his famous Barack Obama impersonation, telling the audience members that they could vote for their choice of candidate and the votes would be revealed at the end of the show.

Watch video of “Hillary” and “Trump” below.

Not only did the two run a mock presidential campaign in honor of their association with “Rock the Vote,” but they also showed the audience their dance moves in an all out dance-off. However, the hosts of So You Think You Can Dance, Cat Deely and dancer Maddie Ziegler, seemed underwhelmed by the performance. The emcee’s dance battle was a segue into an amazing performance by “The Next Generation.”

In order to involve audience members in the show, and to drum up interest and publicity on social media, Victoria Justice and John Cena declared a 30-second selfie challenge. The objective was to snap as many selfies with audience members as they could within the 30 second window. Of course, the audience went wild, viewers loved it, and John Cena and Victoria Justice received an opportunity to show off their mad selfie skills. It became quickly obvious that the event was not the pair’s first selfie rodeo.

According to E! News, the two did an excellent job as hosts for the night and the event was light, fun, and kept moving on schedule. As most any show host will tell you, such a combination isn’t always an easy task. All in all, the annual Teen Choice Awards was a smash success. The ratings may have slipped below those of the PGA Championship, but all those involved in the show agree that the impact of the night’s events were entirely positive, which was a welcomed change from much of what we’ve seen in the world lately.

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[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]