Mike Shouhed’s Comments On Jessica Parido, Reza Farahan Reveal If They’re Truly Done

The fifth season of Shahs of Sunset came to an explosive end on Sunday night, with Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi charging after Reza Farahan after he confronted her about claiming that there’s a sex tape of him and declared that he was the one who wrote the fake apology letters to everyone in her name.

Noticeably absent from the dramatic scene was Mike’s wife, Jessica Parido. While Jessica featured heavily in the beginning of the season, when she was still with Mike, her appearances became fewer and fewer as the marriage disintegrated and she made the decision to leave Mike. While Jessica didn’t appear on the finale episode, she was mentioned. The finale episode showed Mike coming to the conclusion that it’s time for him to move on with his life without Jessica.

On Sunday, prior to the airing of the Season 5 finale episode, Mike reflected on being on the show for five years and in particular the last year of filming. Alluding to the fact that his marital problems were on full display this past season, Mike wrote that there were many times when he hated filming the fifth season. Yet he also acknowledged that showing his struggles led many viewers to reach out to him in support and to tell him how watching his struggles helped them. Mike then referenced Jessica in his post. Instead of lashing out at her or in any way criticizing her, Mike wrote that Jessica taught him a lot.

“She taught me so much! I have grown 10 years worth of wisdom in the last 12 months.”


Are Mike and Jessica truly well and over? During his appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night after the airing of the season finale episode, Mike’s good friend and co-star Reza Farahan gave his opinion on whether Mike and Jessica are truly done.

“Um, I don’t want to share information that he [Mike] hasn’t shared with you yet but I know that he was in the divorce process and I think, they’ve liked, it’s over…I believe that it’s done.”

Reza also said that Mike’s “not in the space” right now to be dating.


While Mike may not be dating, Jessica may be. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica recently wrote on her Instagram page about seeing another woman saying hi to her “bae” and her consequently asking her “babe” if they know the woman.

Jessica Parido’s last appearance on Shahs of Sunset was with Reza. Reza met up with Jessica over lunch in hopes of getting her to join the group’s trip to Belize. Reza thought that Jessica going on the trip would help her and Mike reconcile. Jessica declined the invitation. She told Reza that she won’t be going back to Mike. When Mike asked her why, she said that he cheated on her. During the Belize trip, Mike, who had previously denied any cheating, finally admitted to cheating on Jessica.

On last week’s episode, Reza told Mercedes “MJ” Javid that he heard that Jessica was out partying and having a good time at the clubs. Reza gave his opinion that it was time for Mike to move on from Jessica. Reza and MJ then discovered that Jessica had disconnected her phone number.

A preview for the Shahs of Sunset Season 5 reunion episode shows that Jessica Parido will be a big topic of conversation. Host Andy Cohen brings up the Twitter war that Reza Farahan and MJ recently had with Jessica, during which both Reza and MJ accused Jessica of being a gold digger who thought that she hit the jackpot with Mike. They also both accused her of moving on with someone else for money. While Mike Shouhed admits that it was hurtful for him to see Jessica move on so quickly from him, he also defends her, denying Reza and MJ’s claim that she was with him for money. It’s not clear whether viewers will see Jessica make an appearance and defend herself on the reunion show.

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