Five Guys Voted America’s Best Burger Joint In New Survey

Good customer response is about the best PR a company can ask for, so the folks over at Five Guys ought to be pretty happy at being crowned “Best Burger Joint” in a new survey by Market Force Information.

The survey questioned 7,600 consumers and broke down the results based on the raw number of votes for each burger joint, the number of locations for each restaurant, and took geographical date into consideration. Five Guys beat out In-N-Out, Fuddruckers, A&W, and Smashburger, in that order. McDonalds and Burger King ranked pretty low on the list as well.

Breaking the results down shows that consumers liked the taste of a Five Guys burger best, with Smashburger coming in second. McDonalds was dead last in both quality and taste, and In-N-Out was voted as having the best value. A&W was ranked low in all of the key attributes, but it was in the top five overall. There’s something to be said for playing to the middle.

“Five Guys does zero advertising, but by delivering consistently great customer experience, they’re able to build a word-of-mouth buzz that continues to bring new customers through the door,” chief marketing officer for Market Force Janet Eden-Harris said in a release regarding the survey.

Now here’s some charts, because I know you came to see charts.

Best burger joint based on door count:

Market Force graph

Results based on geography:

Market Force infographic

Finally, sorted by five attributes including quality, service, and value:

Market Force graphic

Do you like Five Guys? Are they really the best burger joint?