Pregnant ‘RHOC’ Meghan King Edmonds Is Desperate For Attention?

Is Meghan King Edmonds desperate for attention as she prepares to welcome her first child with husband Jim Edmonds?

According to a new report, the Real Housewives of Orange County star is in need of attention, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her fans talking about her for the good or the bad.

“Meghan is all about Meghan,” a source told Radar Online on July 30. “She doesn’t care who she hurts, she doesn’t care if she gets positive or negative publicity, she likes the attention. And it doesn’t phase her if she’s hurting someone, if she is getting negative comments about stuff – she doesn’t care as long as it’s about her. She loves it, so she just likes the attention. She’s obsessive about the IVF because that’s a way for her to get attention.”

Meghan King Edmonds’ latest attempt at garnering herself publicity, according to the report, was a July 30 Instagram post in which the reality star shared a graphic photo of herself injecting an estrogen shot into her side. In the caption, Meghan King Edmonds spoke of her pregnancy journey and confirmed her husband, Jim, was not present as she went through the painful injection. Instead, she revealed, he was announcing a Cardinals game on television.

“[Meghan King Edmonds] wants the attention and he [Jim’s] not giving it to her,” the source added.

Throughout the 11th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, 31-year-old Meghan King Edmonds has been open with her frustrations with her husband and his lack of interest in her efforts to conceive a child. She’s also spoken about the issue numerous times in her blog.

“It is really frustrating to me that Jimmy doesn’t act more interested in the IVF process, especially considering that it has consumed my life,” Meghan King Edmonds revealed in her Bravo blog last month, via Radar Online. “I understand that it can be an overwhelming process and he had to be in Florida for spring training during most of it, but I was on a lot of hormones and was very emotional. It definitely would’ve been nice to have him pay more attention to the process.”

One week later, Meghan King Edmonds echoed the same sentiments in a separate blog.

“I was really disappointed in Jimmy’s lack of sentiment throughout my IVF process,” she confessed. “And honestly, there were moments I was questioning if getting pregnant was even the right choice.”

Meghan King Edmonds went on to reveal to her fans that Jim is happy and excited for their baby girl to arrive later this year. However, she also labeled him as “removed,” explaining that he’s more excited about preparing for the baby’s arrival than he is with the actual pregnancy.

“Maybe it’s like our new puppy, Girly Girl,” she explained, comparing their child to their dog. “He didn’t want her at all! Now that we have her though, he dotes on her more than me and even wants to wake up for the middle of the night potty breaks!”

Meghan King Edmonds married her husband in 2014, and their first child is due around the holidays. The baby will be the first child for Meghan and the fifth for her husband.

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[Image via Meghan King Edmonds/Facebook]