Josh Duggar Goes On Guys-Only Vacation, Appears In First Family Facebook Photo Since Rehab

Josh Duggar’s family is no longer keeping him away from the camera. The former 19 Kids and Counting star has been noticeably missing from the Duggars’ social media photos for over a year, but Josh’s family recently decided to welcome him back into the fold on Facebook.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar chose a picture of Josh Duggar posing with a large group for his first Facebook photo since leaving home for a lengthy stay at Christian recovery center. Jim Bob shared the photo of Josh, which shows the former executive director of Family Research Council Action posing with his two sons and all nine of his younger brothers at the EAA AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It looks like the Duggar women and girls weren’t invited to attend the event.

Josh Duggar is on the far left wearing the brown shirt.

The last time Josh made an appearance on his family’s Facebook page, it was to show off his recently born daughter, Meredith Grace, for a photo that was taken while Josh and his wife, Anna, were eating dinner together. The picture was shared on July 29, a few weeks before Josh’s wife Anna would learn that he was cheating on her. On August 19, Gawker reported that Josh Duggar had paid for two accounts on Ashley Madison, a website cheaters use to arrange sexual encounters. Josh’s account information was leaked by hackers.

Josh Duggar responded to the Ashley Madison leak by confessing that he did indeed cheat on Anna, and he also stated that he was addicted to internet pornography. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he promptly enrolled in a faith-based treatment program in Rockford, Illinois, called Reformers Unanimous. According to an insider with close ties to the church that runs the program, it’s just “another way for the church to make money.” Josh’s “treatment” included lots of Bible study. It did not include therapy sessions with licensed counselors.

Josh Duggar was criticized for reacting to his second major sex scandal by leaving Anna Duggar to deal with the fallout from it on her own. As the Hollywood Gossip points out, he basically got to go into hiding for six months while Anna took care of their four children. Josh’s teary-eyed wife was also trotted out on television to talk about his wrongdoings and explain why she wasn’t divorcing him.

However, it looks like Anna has forgiven her husband for abandoning her, and Josh has resumed the normal Duggar lifestyle; he’s taking trips to events all over the country with his family and taking advantage of restaurant freebies. Last month, Josh even dressed up like a cow and accompanied his family to Chick-fil-A to score a free entrée on Cow Appreciation Day. But will Josh also get to join his family on their TLC series, Counting On?

A source told In Touch Weekly that Anna Duggar treated Josh like “a hero returning from war” when he finally left Reformers Unanimous. However, it’s possible that Josh’s return to Arkansas will cost Anna her gig on Counting On. According to People, a TLC source has revealed that Josh Duggar will not be appearing on Season 2 of Counting On. During the first season of the show, Anna could explain Josh’s absence by saying that he was away at rehab, but she can’t use this excuse when the show returns. If TLC continues to feature Anna on the show without Josh, this would just remind fans that he isn’t there because he confessed to sexually molesting his younger sisters.

Anna is not shown or mentioned in any of the Counting On Season 2 promos, so it’s looking very likely that TLC has simply decided to remove Josh Duggar and his wife from the equation. However, Josh can take comfort in knowing that he’s now welcome on his family’s social media pages.

[Image via TLC/YouTube]