Tyler Christopher Speaks Out, Reveals Real Reason He Has Been Missing From ‘General Hospital’

Fans have noticed that Tyler Christopher is not playing Nicholas right now on General Hospital, and now Tyler is speaking out. There has been a lot of speculation about what kept him from the show, but now Tyler is sharing exactly what it was and when he hopes to be back. Soap Opera Digest shared the details about what has kept him away from the show. Don’t worry too much; Tyler isn’t gone from the show forever.

Tyler shared that on soap operas you are allowed to take a vacation, but he has never taken a break from the show. He finally decided that it was time to take off and spend some time with his family instead of working so hard all the time. During this time, Tyler Christopher has been spending time with his two children and his wife. It sounds like this break has been nice for him.

When you are on a soap, sometimes you get a bit of a break due to your character not having a huge part, but that isn’t months at a time like this vacation was for Tyler Christopher. Sometimes you just need to take a break, and it looks like it was time for him to do it.

Tyler spoke out and shared his thoughts on returning and what is going on. Fans are glad to hear it straight from him.

“I’m excited to go back. It’s going to be surreal because I’ve never taken that much time off. And the character has gone in a different direction, so they haven’t told me how they’re going to pick it up. I heard I died again. Probably not the last time!”

This does confirm that Tyler Christopher’s character Nicholas isn’t dead. Of course, fans knew that they wouldn’t kill him off. For a while, Tyler had someone else playing Nicholas, but now he appears to be dead once again. Now, Tyler is saying that it looks like he will be back again in September filming the show, but that is not confirmed yet. This means that it could be October or so before you get to see Tyler on the soap opera at all. That is a long time to wait and leave everyone speculating about Nicholas’ fate.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry shared the details that Nick Stabile is done with his part as Nicholas on General Hospital, though. His fall out the window is the last time that viewers will see him around. There were some rumors flying that part of this had to do with the fact that Tyler Christopher was going through contract negotiations, but if that is the case, he isn’t sharing any of the details. That is always something that comes up every now, and then that has to be dealt with by ABC and the actors.

It looks like Nicholas will survive the fall, and this will be the perfect time to put Tyler Christopher back in the spot. It is unknown if this was him faking his death once again or what is going on exactly. The viewers can’t wait to see it all go down on the show, though. This did all go down on Cassadine Island, and you know that means that they could do anything to him, including freezing him so he could come back later.

Are you excited to see Tyler Christopher make his big return to General Hospital? Do you feel like Tyler did the right thing by taking time off? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC. You do not want to miss the drama.

[Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]