Malia Lollapalooza Videos: Before Slandering The Obamas, Read This First

Malia Obama was filmed and videotaped at Lollapalooza over the weekend. Now, incriminating videos have surfaced. However, let’s take perspective for a ride.

If you haven’t seen the multitudes of Malia Obama videos now online, she was recorded at Lollapalooza showing off her backside while dancing.

Regarding Malia’s video, some have mentioned twerking. However, that wasn’t the case.

Yet, from the video, you could see how conservative media might use it to twist the Obama namesake.

Surely, the anti-Obama bandwagon is reaching max capacity with this one, right?

Regarding Malia’s videos, let’s take a few things into perspective.

1. Malia Obama has been scrutinized since she was 10.

What kind of youthful experience has she had during Barack Obama’s presidency?

Think about it.

Since preteen years, she’s had to conduct herself accordingly at all times, especially since she never knew who was watching.

And while integrity is in her character, Malia Obama, at this point, as an 18-year-old, wants to have fun; particularly, the fun she couldn’t have during her father’s presidency.

It’s what teens do, right? Think about how you felt as a teen or college student.

Now, imagine how Malia has felt during her teenage years having to deal with teen life, while extending total transparency to the world.

You’d be partying too if you could finally live a normal life, right?

2. Malia Obama is freely experiencing a social life.

Similar to the aforementioned context, Malia is able to live life in a more carefree manner, given that President Obama isn’t up for re-election.

Sure. He’s still very much the President of the United States, and Malia can’t go partying it up like the Bush twins did during their father’s presidency.

But, overall, Malia wants a social life. And, that’s totally reasonable; especially since most of her adolescence has been spent in the White House surrounded by Secret Service agents and correspondents.

Here’s a Hollywood depiction. Do you remember the Sinbad movie, First Kid?

Although it was a Disney interpretation of White House family affairs, this is what Malia Obama, as well as Natasha, might have been experiencing.

Take a look at this short video clip.

You see how tight the kid’s White House detail was in the video? There is probably no breathing room for Malia either, so to speak.

3. Malia Obama Vs. Bush’s daughters

And how can people even begin to compare Obama’s daughters to Bush’s?

Think back on President Bush’s eight years. Now, think about all the times you saw his daughters in the news for outlandish behavior.

In Ronald Kessler’s book, In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect, he labeled the Bush twins a “Secret Service nightmare.”

In 2009, Daily Mail reported on several occasions where Bush’s daughters (or their companions) were causing havoc in public throughout his presidency.

Likewise, these claims were backed by several reporters from multiple news outlets for many situations. This isn’t fiction or liberal propaganda.

By the time Bush was president, his daughters were already in their late teens. And throughout their eight years in the White House, they maintained a label as a Secret Service nightmare as grown women.

Malia is a teenager.

It’s obvious that Bush’s daughters seemingly didn’t care about their father’s image in the way Malia and Natasha Obama have during their father’s presidency.

How many times have you seen President Obama’s daughters in the news for such things?

And you know particular, agenda-based news outlets stay camped out around Malia Obama, waiting like vultures to feast on anything which could be used for character assassination toward Barack Obama.

Some have already painted Malia as worse than the Bush twins for her videos. That’s quite the audacious claim, don’t you think?

Malia Obama’s videos show nothing more than a teen finally getting to enjoy teen life around other people who aren’t White House staff.

While the Obamas are held to a higher standard, you also have to remember they’re human, like everyone else.

4. Malia Obama’s father has been the recipient of biased targeting.

In 2009, Barack Obama set history. He became the first Black president of the United States.

Since then, he’s dealt with a great amount of scrutiny from the American public, especially particular conservative venues whose audience feels that a Black president could never run the United States successfully.

When he first started office, Obama’s face was full of hope and life.

However, looking at before and after pictures, you can tell how it’s worn him down.

His hair has grayed substantially, and he has developed a few wrinkles at a relatively young age for an American president.

Knowing her father was the first Black president, Malia Obama also knew she couldn’t disappoint as the first Black first kid.

And to this, she’s done a tremendously exceptional job.

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[Photo by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]