Jimmy Kimmel Prank At Emmy Awards Promises To Be A ‘Big Deal’

Jimmy Kimmel’s pranks have become the stuff of legend, so when the late night comedian promised a gigantic prank at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards this week, it had a lot of people anticipating just what it could be.

Though Jimmy Kimmel didn’t give out many details of the prank, he told Access Hollywood that it won’t disappoint.

“I can’t really say what it’s gonna be, but it will be a big deal,” Jimmy told Access Hollywood of his forthcoming prank, during an interview at Emmy preps in Los Angeles on Wednesday. “That’s all I’ll say.”

In the past Jimmy Kimmel pranks have focused on a number of people, both deserving and unsuspected. He and then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman got into a notorious prank war after she made a music video insinuating that she was intimate with Matt Damon, the subject of many of Kimmel’s jokes.

Jimmy Kimmel’s prank in reply was a music video of his own claiming in in kind had an affair with Ben Affleck. We’ll say Sarah Silverman won that round.

But Jimmy has done countless other pranks, usually with the help of his viewers. He frequently encourages them to make home videos pranking their loved ones, like a challenge to turn off the television in the middle of the Super Bowl or for parents to tell their children that they ate all the Halloween candy.

As for the Jimmy Kimmel prank at the Emmy’s, the host noted, “There will be a lot of people involved in it.”

For Jimmy, hosting the Emmy’s is a dream that he actually wasn’t able to have as a child — he had no television growing up. Now he’s found out that his kids are in the same situation, only this time self-imposed.

“It’s funny – I grew up and I didn’t have a television set, and now, I said [to my kids], ‘Are you going to watch me on the Emmys?’ – they’re in college – and they said, ‘We don’t have a TV set,'” he said. “They watch everything on their computer now. We’ve really come full circle!”

As for the Jimmy Kimmel prank at the Emmy’s, Kimmely noted that it will be aimed at those not watching the awards, The Canadian Press reported.

“I have an idea for a prank, and if it goes well, will be great,” the first-time Emmy host teased after ceremoniously unraveling the red carpet. “If it goes badly, it won’t be so great. I think it will go well. If you’re watching, you’ll be in on it. If you’re not, you might get caught up in the prank.”

Viewers can catch the Jimmy Kimmel prank go down during the broadcast of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, Sunday at 8 ET/5 PT on ABC.