‘Scream Queens’ Season 2: The Chanels Are Back, And They Are Bringing Taylor Lautner And A Naked John Stamos [Watch]

Season 2 of Scream Queens is only a little less than two months away, and fans have a lot to be excited about. Social media has been a hot spot for leaking spoilers and little tidbits of the set, and the newest teasers only add to the premiere anticipation.

That anticipation peaked when the first teaser trailer for Season 2 was recently released. But, first things first, what about those hot new additions to the show — Taylor Lautner and John Stamos?

According to TV Line, actress Lea Michele took to her Snapchat and shared a first look at the second season. This included the first pictures of Lautner in a behind-the-scenes photo for her followers.

Lautner will be joining the cast as Dr. Cassidy Cascade, a good-looking doctor who suffers from an unknown medical condition. In the photo, Lautner can be seen wearing a doctor’s jacket and a stethoscope. Aside from having a health condition, his character will reportedly form a bond with Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd).

Other cast and crew members featured in Michele’s Snapchat were show creator Ryan Murphy, actresses Niecy Nash, and Keke Palmer, who played Officer Denise Hemphill and Zayday, respectively, in Season 1. Oh, and a tray of fake blood.

Meanwhile, Abigail Breslin will also be returning as Chanel #5. As for Michele, she will be returning as Hester Ulrich, the Red Devil herself.

Fans also got their first taste of James Earl from Glee as Candy Striper. Another big name associated with the upcoming season is John Stamos.

In a recent appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, star and Chanel #1 Emma Roberts revealed that her Scream Queens character would have a new love interest this season. She also revealed that the love interest would either be Lautner or Stamos.

Emma Roberts on 'Watch What Happens Live!' [Image via Bravo]

“Any idea if either of them will be your love interest?” host Andy Cohen asked Roberts.

“Yes! One of them is,” the actress confessed.

As Refinery29 reports, Stamos will be putting his Greek yogurt gig aside to join Lautner in the medical field. Stamos will play the part of the hospital’s mysterious head surgeon, Brock Holt.

'Scream Queens' Season 2 — John Stamos To Bare It All, But Will He Be Dating Emma Robert's Chanel? [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

The campy horror series will pick up with the Chanels finding themselves relocated to a creepy medical institute owned by their arch rival and Dean from Season 1, Cathy Munsch (Jaime Lee Curtis).

The news of Lautner and Stamos joining the cast was welcoming since the fate of many of last year’s male leads got the ax — literally.

Glen Powell’s Chad Radwell is one male lead from last season that we know is scheduled to return for Season 2. In fact, he recently revealed that he will be getting naked in an upcoming scene with Stamos.

“All I can tell you is that I read a scene where John Stamos and I are not wearing clothes,” Powell told E! News. “So I have to figure out my diet. I should probably not have a carb for a second because I don’t want John Stamos to show me up!”

Glen Powell will return for Season 2 of 'Scream Queens.' [Image Courtesy: Fox]

In other news, Carter Matt reports that production for Scream Queens is going strong, but one of the concerns for the upcoming season is trying to match the audience ratings from season one while presenting a different storyline.

Previous shows of Murphy’s have had an exceptionally great first season followed by a lackluster sophomore season. However, this could be because Murphy’s shows are so different and creative from the rest of the mill that it’s hard to match the feeling fans get from watching a show like American Horror Story for the first time.

The first teaser trailer for Season 2 of Scream Queens was just released, so check it out below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Screen Queens season 2 premieres on September 20 on Fox.

[Image via Fox]