Lamar Odom Continues Partying Hard In New York Instead Of Hanging Out With His Kids

Lamar Odom is still partying hard after he ducked his family’s attempt to get him help through an intervention. Lamar has been in New York visiting his kids and the rest of his family, but he’s also spending much of his time drinking, smoking pot, and staying out late at night in clubs. Lamar Odom’s kids, Destiny and Lamar Jr., put in a great amount of effort planning an intervention because they are scared of losing their father in another overdose. However, Lamar avoided the intervention because he is not ready to get help for his substance abuse. On his way to New York, Lamar Odom had to be removed from his flight for vomiting all over himself after drinking too much.

According to the Inquisitr, one of Lamar Odom’s childhood friends who has been leeching off of the former NBA star for years actually derailed the Odom family’s attempt to get him to go to rehab. Lamar Odom’s family planned an intervention, with the hope that he would go to rehab at the Darryl Strawberry Center in Florida, but the friend told Lamar what the family was planning so that he could avoid the intervention.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Lamar Odom is spending much of his time in New York not with his kids, but partying. Lamar seems to be back to old patterns, which include smoking pot and hanging out at strip clubs instead of spending time with his children who rarely see him. At the time that Lamar Odom was supposed to be at the intervention planned by Destiny and Lamar Odom, Jr., Lamar Odom was at a strip club.

Lamar Odom can’t seem to break old patterns himself, so his family is doing what they can to help him. Sources close to Lamar Odom claim that Lamar can’t do this alone.

“He wants to rebuild his life in New York – but that’s not really happening. Even on the other side of the country, Khloe tried to schedule a family intervention in hopes of breaking through to Lamar, but he decided to play hooky and ditched the intervention all together, which seems like a complete slap in the face.”

And not only is the Odom family disappointed that Lamar can’t find his way to get help and get clean, back on the West Coast, the Kardashians are still shaking their heads and wondering what it will take for Lamar to see that he can’t do it alone. Lamar doesn’t seem to understand that he was lucky to survive his overdose at a Nevada brothel.

“They [the Kardashians] are so upset. The kids really wanted the intervention to happen. Everyone wants Lamar to get help.”

Radar Online claims that rather than take a hold of his life, Lamar Odom is running from his family and friends who want him to get his life together and become responsible for his own health and safety. Lamar claims that he wants to get back together with his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, but sadly, he has forced her into parenting him, and now she has had enough.

Friends, including Kardashian’s close friend Malika, explained to her that she can’t be Lamar Odom’s babysitter.

“You’ve done everything you can do, you can’t control him. If he wants to run himself back into the gutter, he’s going to do just that.”

Lamar Odom is still telling friends that he is going to make it back to the NBA and support himself and his family, but sources say that Lamar has not regained the motor skills he needs for everyday life, let alone the skills Lamar would need to play professional basketball.

“It’s really sad. His motor skills are not what they used to be. He was such a great athlete, and didn’t even try.”

Do you think that Khloe and Lamar Odom’s family need to give him an ultimatum to get clean?

[Photo by Michael Loccisamo/Getty Images]