Lea Michele Shows Off Tattoo Identical To Her ‘Glee’ Character In Memory Of Cory Monteith

Lea Michele has been open about her various tattoos for her loved ones, and now she’s revealing one more.

Elite Daily reported that Lea just unveiled another tattoo she got in memory of her late boyfriend and former Glee co-star Cory Monteith, showing off an inking of his character’s name that appears to be etched just above her butt cheek.

Michele revealed that tattoo on the cover of the September issue of Women’s Health UK, where fans noticed that Lea had a secret reminder of her late boyfriend and their Glee days in the pretty surprising spot.

A slew of Lea and Glee’s biggest fans flocked to social media to comment on the tattoo, which simply read “Finn” and was clearly visible on Michele’s left side, tweeting out the heartfelt messages about Lea’s reminder.

“IM CRYING, I FEEL BROKEN AGAIN. I MISS CORY AND LEA TOGETHER SO MUCH,” Twitter user @hadiduniverse tweeted out alongside a zoomed in photo of Lea’s tattoo for Cory, while @omgleasarfati wrote, “THAT FACT THAT LEA HAS A FINN TATTOO AND CORY GOT A RACHEL TATTOO KILLS MEEEEEEE.”

Other fans also pointed out that Michele’s secret tattoo was almost identical to the one her Glee character, Rachel Berry, got for Cory’s character, Finn Hudson, on the hit Fox show, which wrapped after six seasons last year.

“Lea made [her] ‘Finn’ tattoo the same as Rachel Berry had on Glee omg Leaaa,” Twitter user @Miss_You_Cory observed.

This is just the latest in a number of tattoos Lea has shown off, and it is thought to be one of at least three tattoos etched on her skin in memory of Cory.

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Back in April, Michele took to social media to tell fans that she was thinking of her late boyfriend while in the tattoo parlour, posting snaps of herself getting inked in memory of Monteith and her late grandmother.

Lea Michele took to Instagram to show off her fresh ink for Monteith on April 12, showing her millions of followers that she got the number 5 tattooed onto the side of her torso.

“And one more.. for my Quarterback,” Lea captioned the photo alongside the hashtag #5 and a heart emoji.

Lea didn’t reveal the significance of the number on the social media site, though 5 was the number of the football jersey Cory Monteith’s Glee character, Finn, wore on the Fox musical comedy.

Michele previously acknowledged the significance of the number on social media back in February 2015, posting a photo of herself carrying Finn’s framed No. 5 jersey away from the Fox lot following the final day of production on Glee.

“One last thing,” Lea captioned the heartwarming photo, alongside a heart emoji.

It’s not clear exactly how many tattoos Lea has to remind her of Cory, though Hollywood Life reported shortly after Monteith’s death in 2013 that Lea had Cory’s initials tattooed inside a black heart “in a private place,” but Michele has never officially confirmed the report.

Lea Michele Unveils 'Finn Tattoo For Late Boyfriend Cory Monteith On Her Butt
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Michele has, however, showed off her tattoo of the words “If you say so” that are inked across her ribcage, which Lea previously told Elle magazine were the last words Cory ever said to her before he tragically passed away in July 2013.

It’s thought that Michele and Monteith even got matching tattoos during their two-year romance prior to Cory’s sad death, though Lea has never officially revealed what design the two shared.

“I remember we were at the Teen Choice Awards, a couple of years ago, and you said to me, ‘What is this rumor that you and Cory have gotten secret tattoos together?'” Lea Michele admitted to Extra of her and Monteith’s matching tattoos, “and I turned beet red and I was like, ‘What do you mean, what are you talking about… How did you know?'”

What do you think of Lea Michele’s latest tattoo for Cory Monteith?

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