‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Says She’s ‘Growing Up’ After Pregnancy News, Plans To Build Mansion?

Jenelle Evans is reportedly pregnant with her third child, and while the Teen Mom 2 star has faced tons of backlash from fans, she is insisting that she’s growing up.

After being bombarded by fans who reminded her that she has yet to regain custody of her oldest son, and slammed her for having three baby daddies, Jenelle Evans took to Twitter, where she told fans she had fixed her credit and was “adulting.”

“Fixing your credit is the best feeling ever after being bad for so long! #GrowingUp #Adulting,” Jenelle Evans wrote to her fans and followers on July 29.

Around the same time, Jenelle Evans shared a photo of a large home on Facebook, along with the caption, “So something like this we are thinking.. Right babe?”

In recent weeks, Jenelle Evans has shared a few posts regarding her plans to build a home with her boyfriend, David Eason, whom she’s reportedly expecting her third child with. However, when it comes to the size of the home, the reality star hasn’t yet revealed any specific details.

As for her reported pregnancy, Jenelle Evans has also stayed mum — at least in terms of a confirmation.

Last month, after Us Weekly shared a police report, which revealed the Teen Mom 2 star had told police she was at least 10 weeks pregnant after a July 6 accident in North Carolina, Jenelle Evans took to Facebook, where she slammed fans for being more concerned with gossip than her post-accident health.

“‘So sad.’ ‘Disappointing.’ ‘She should have her tubes tied.’ ‘Did she have a miscarriage or is she still pregnant?!’ ‘3 baby daddies!'” Jenelle Evans wrote on Facebook, according to a report by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “These are only some hate comments I have been receiving since yesterday.”

“I don’t understand what is ‘disappointing’ or ‘sad’?! Why not ask if I’m ok from the car accident?! Why not be concerned about my health?!” Jenelle Evans continued. “I want privacy. All of you disgust me. It’s all about gossip these days … Funny someone else comes out with news they are pregnant and the world is overjoyed. And everyone wonders why I’m so private lately?! Because all of you are up my ass and so nosy it’s unbelievable.”

In addition to the comments from fans that she listed, Jenelle Evans has been targeted by many who feel she should be getting custody of Jace back before she adds more kids to her family. When it was revealed that Jenelle Evans was having her second child with ex-fiance Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans faced backlash and now that she’s reportedly welcoming a third child, she’s gotten even more. Still, when it comes to her custody situation with her mother, Barbara, Jenelle Evans doesn’t seem to be making much progress.

While Jenelle Evans and her mother were seen speaking of a change in custody during Teen Mom 2 Season 7, nothing between them ever changed and according to Evans, she and her mother continue to fight frequently over the issue.

“We really don’t talk other than if it’s about Jace, because if we are around each other too much we start arguing,” Evans said during an interview with People Magazine in March.

Jenelle Evans and her family, including boyfriend David Eason, have been filming the upcoming installment of Teen Mom 2 for the past few weeks. No word yet on when the new season will premiere on MTV.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]