‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell End Engagement? Rumors Again Allege Couple Is Over

Reports today imply that Bachelor couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell might have ended their engagement. Rumors are picking back up that Ben and Lauren might be through because of Ben’s political ambitions.

It wasn’t in the too distant past that the pair reportedly hit some rough patches over Ben’s aspirations to enter politics. The ABC network expressed sheer disapproval of Ben’s goal to run for Colorado House District 14 because they want him to focus on his wedding to Lauren and gear up for the reality show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After, which is set to air in October. Soon thereafter, Ben withdrew his candidacy. It wasn’t confirmed the reasons for his withdrawal were related to ABC’s apparent demands, but many suspect that’s the reason. The network claims it had no role in influencing Ben’s decision to drop out. Rather, legal ramifications were a concern.

ABC released this statement to the press: “Freeform simply shared with Mr. Higgins its concern that broadcasting and promoting a show featuring a campaign for Colorado state office could raise significant compliance issues under Colorado election laws.”

The Bachelor stars are believed to have split up, according to GameNGuide. Reasons for the purported breakup remain the same as they did in before; Ben’s “selfish” political ambitions seeking a seat in Colorado’s House of Representatives. There are claims being made that Lauren doesn’t feel like she’s Ben’s first priority, and the wedding date will either be pushed back or canceled.

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Perhaps one additional element adding to rumors that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have ended has to do with JoJo Fletcher’s diary post on People last week. The season 12 Bachelorette opened up about the Fantasy Suite dates and brought up Ben’s name. While discussing the finalists, she reflected on her feelings this time around versus the ones she had with Ben in his season of The Bachelor. This was especially true when she talked about Jordan Rodgers by writing that she was filled with reminders of her time with Ben and couldn’t let go of the feelings.

She mentioned falling in love with Rodgers, but kept Ben’s name in the picture. On the other hand, she said she didn’t want to do anything to her finalists like what Ben did to her.

JoJo continued in her blog that having such strong feelings for Jordan and Robby Hayes put her in the unique position to see how it was for Ben to make such a difficult decision. Although these aren’t confessions of love, they’re signs she’s reminiscing somewhat about their time together. It was enough to make some fans wonder if that might have created some tension for Ben and his fiancee. Did JoJo bringing up Ben in her blog post cause a rift between him and Lauren? If that was the case, then their relationship needs work at being more secure. JoJo simply compared her situation to someone fans were familiar with. It was natural for her to reach back to a time so profound in her journey on the show, and Ben was a major part of that.

In all, it doesn’t appear to have done too much damage at all to Ben and Lauren’s relationship. Lauren isn’t longing for Ben,and the two have moved forward.

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Heavy wrote that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are actually together. The site noted that Ben’s Instagram “negates” rumors that they ended their engagement as the most recent photos posted reveal here.

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By all accounts, things appear solid for Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell. Rumors that they split are evidently untrue. They’re still together and happily engaged.

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