‘The Simpsons’ Clinton, Trump 3 A.M. Call Political Announcement ‘Not Now, I’m On Twitter’

Animation on FOX on YouTube has published a new The Simpsons Clinton Trump short parodying the 2016 presidential race. The clip features a political announcement “paid for by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama” that asks citizens who they would be more comfortable taking a call in the White House at 3 a.m.

“I can’t make love until I’ve decided who to vote for,” Marge Simpson says with worry in her voice to Homer in the short, interrupting their intimate relations.

Agreeing that his wife’s lack of interest in lovemaking with such important issues at hand is the “American way,” Homer uses the remote to turn on the television from the Springfield couple’s bed.

As images of children sleeping in beds and a baby sleeping with a teddy bear in a crib pass by, an ominous voice asks viewers who they would want in the White House to answer the phone at 3 a.m., “Hillary Clinton?”

A Simpsons caricature of an older-looking (than previous Simpsons appearances) Bill Clinton is seen answering a red, inbound-only, telephone with a red, flashing light labeled “EMERGENCY” located beside his bed in the White House.

At first, the former president is confused, appearing to believe that he is still commander in chief.

“The Situation Room? I’ll be right there,” the Simpsons Clinton character states before remembering that he is no longer president.

“Oh. It’s for you” Clinton states before turning and handing the telephone to Hillary, who is awoken by her husband. The Simpsons Hillary Clinton character then removes her sleep mask.

“Yes. From now on, it’s always for me,” The Simpsons Hillary Clinton character states.

“Or Donald Trump?” the ominous narrator’s voice breaks in as the scene switches to Donald Trump sitting in bed using Twitter on an iPhone with a copy of “Great Speeches” by Adolf Hitler sitting on the bed beside him.

A call from the Situation Room can be seen coming through on Trump’s iPhone.

“Not now, I’m on Twitter,” the Simpsons Trump character states.

'The Simpsons' Clinton Trump political announcment: Who do you want in the White House at 3 a.m.?

“… and Elizabeth Warren tweets too damn much. Glad I exiled her,” Trump’s Situation Room-call-interrupting tweet reads.

While speaking on his iPhone to an unknown party, the Donald Trump Simpsons character’s contact list can be seen, topped by Ivanka, Michelle Obama’s Speechwriter, and Putin.

The Simpsons Trump character tells the unknown party to change the Lincoln Memorial to the Trump Memorial, get New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to “eat a worm, just for laughs,” have NATO broken up, and bring him eggs served scrambled on a “gold plate.”

Another call then comes in on the Simpsons Trump character’s iPhone, presumably from the Situation Room.

“What!?” the mock portrayal of Trump in the White House asks with annoyance as he answers the call. “Fine, I’ll be right there.”

'Simpsons' Hillary Clinton Donald Trump short political announcment paid for "by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama."

Trump then rings a bell situated beside his bed to summon assistants, who rush to his side the moment the sound of the bell can be heard. For the next eight hours, the assistants work to put on The Simpsons Trump character’s appearance. Major work is done spraying a tan onto Trump, fitting larger prosthetic hands, and molding a small dog into place to serve as his hair.

Just as the dog-hairpiece is perfectly fit, the iPhone rings again. It turns out that all the time Trump spent worrying about his appearance caused the U.S. to be “too late” and that a Chinese naval fleet is approaching U.S. territory.

“Just build another wall,” the Simpsons Trump character orders, seemingly receiving an objection from the party on the other end of the line, to which the parody of the potential president replies, “Yes, in the ocean loser” ending the political announcement.

Clinton Trump 'The Simpsons' YouTube short features political announcement paid for by "Americans who are really starting to miss Obama."

Unsure who to vote for after what he has just witnessed, Homer Simpson tepidly asks Marge if Donald Trump is the “right” choice.

“If that’s your vote. I question if I can ever be with you again,” Marge Simpson says to Homer, picking the Simpsons’ dog, Santa’s Little Helper, up from the floor, and placing him on the bed between the couple.

Looking at the camera seriously, Homer Simpson speaks directly to the audience, ending The Simpsons Clinton Trump 3 a.m. short.

“And that’s how I became a Democrat.”

[Image via Animation on FOX/YouTube]