Apple iPhone 7 Release Date: Announcement On September 7, Available To Buy In The US Week After From Apple Stores

The Apple iPhone 7 is due to be released on September 16, according to the latest batch of iPhone release date rumours. There’s been widespread speculation around the next iPhone’s release date for a while now, with the latest rumours speculating that Apple’s next handset will be officially announced on September 7. Pre-orders will reportedly open on September 9, and the device released and available to buy in Apple stores across the U.S. on September 16.

According to High Snobiety, the aforementioned release schedule provides the most concrete information yet around the iPhone’s release date. Apple is, of course, well known for keeping pretty tight-lipped ahead of the release of a new iPhone, however, the technology blogger responsible for exposing this leak claims he has nailed the date down. In fact, the release schedule for the iPhone 7 laid out by Evan Bless largely matches dates previously speculated within the industry and Apple’s own release schedules for previous iPhone models.


That being said, as with any iPhone rumors ahead of the device’s official announcement, this release date should be taken with a pinch of salt. Other than Bless’ word, there’s no actual evidence to support this release date. However, it does fit comfortably within Apple’s usual September release schedule.

According to Network World, it’s easy to see how Evan Bless came to his conclusion around the next iPhone’s release date. For a start, Apple has consistently both announced and released their new iPhone model in September, making it an almost certainty that the iPhone 7 would follow suit. At the same time, each iPhone to date has been released on a Friday, narrowing the number of days within September that the iPhone 7 could be released on. It’s pretty easy to see why Bless is consistently spot on with predicting iPhone release dates.


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While the iPhone 7’s release date is now an almost certainty, it remains to be seen what form the new handset will take. Apple is believed to be giving their signature mobile device its biggest shake-up yet this year, with speculation that the tech giant plans to remove the phone’s headphone jack and introduce a dual camera for the first time.

However, the upcoming iPhone announcement could turn out to be something altogether very different. There’s currently speculation that Apple won’t have their hugely redesigned iPhone ready to release this year. Instead, the tech giant will push the new device’s release back to next year and use their September event to release another iPhone 6 model, possibly the 6SE. The news would undeniably be pretty disappointing for fans of Apple’s iPhone range, however, Apple is believed to be working on a completely re-imagined device with the iPhone 7.

If Apple does make the decision not to release the iPhone 7 this year, it could prove to be catastrophic for the company. Many iPhone users are now expecting to upgrade their device this year, and if Apple makes the decision not to provide a new handset, those consumers could turn to rival manufacturers, including Samsung and Google.

Speculation around the iPhone 7 and whether or not Apple will release it this year will likely remain rife until September. However, with sales of the iPhone now dwindling and Apple unable to rely on income from other products, the release of the upcoming iPhone could be Apple’s most important product launch yet.

[Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images]