‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is There More To Aaron Than Meets The Eye? He Could Turn Out To Be Full Of Surprises

Aaron Roland is a fairly new character on General Hospital, and viewers have yet to discover whether he was only brought in as Kristina’s new boyfriend or if there is more to this guy. He is clean-cut and seems very eager to please. Will there be another side to him that has yet to be revealed?

Things may change between Kristina and Aaron now that she has finally confessed to him about the secret that she has kept from him since they began dating. According to Soaps She Knows, last week had Kristina letting her guy know that she had feelings for someone else besides him. She told him that it was her professor, and then it clicked for him that Professor Parker is a woman. He seemed to be a little shocked and said that he needed some time to figure it all out.


Will this be the moment when General Hospital viewers start to see who Aaron really is? He could just be that sweet guy who is being used as a way for Kristina to figure out who she really is, but it would be so much more interesting if Aaron turned out to be someone with an agenda in Port Charles.

There have been a few General Hospital rumors going around on who this guy could be and if he has any kind of connection to someone in town. One thing is for sure: Kristina’s mobster daddy, Sonny Corinthos, has taken a liking to her new boyfriend. Even though his daughter did confess to him that she was probably gay, Sonny seemed to be secretly disappointed that she would end up dumping Aaron. Should Sonny be worried about his new coffee loving employee?

Celeb Dirty Laundry previously posted that Aaron could actually be Brenda Barrett’s son, Alec. Is this storyline all tied into Brenda and Sonny’s former relationship? Another rumor suggests that this mysterious character could be an undercover cop who has been planted to bring Sonny down.


Those rumors could be completely off base. It could be that Aaron was just brought into the General Hospital cast as part of the Kristina-Parker storyline. It was also previously mentioned that maybe he is homophobic and will try to cause some trouble for Kristina now that she has made her confession. However, it almost seems like this all has to do with Sonny, as Aaron has been way too eager to get into the mob king’s good graces and into his coffee business. Is Aaron Roland just a kid who loves to be in the kitchen and is looking for a mentor, or is he up to no good in Port Charles?

John DeLuca was cast as this new character earlier this year, and he arrived on General Hospital in April. The young actor had previously been known for his role as Butchy in Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie franchise. Now that he has spread his wings into the world of daytime drama, DeLuca may be showing a different side of himself as Aaron Roland.

General Hospital star
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Now, General Hospital fans are waiting to see how Aaron will react to Kristina’s recent confession and to see if the writers on the soap will have more in store for this character. He certainly has been way too nice so far, which isn’t a good sign when it comes to daytime drama. There is almost always more than meets the eye. Remember that he first met Kristina at the clinic when she was there to visit with Morgan. Aaron mentioned that he was also visiting a patient there. That could have been just a coincidence, or this storyline could roll back into exactly what he was doing there in the first place.

Who do you think Aaron will turn out to be? Is he just a budding chef who loves being in the Corinthos coffee business, or does he have a personal agenda that will be shown soon? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out.

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