Luke Pell Promises To Be A Fun ‘Bachelor’ For Season 21

Luke Pell is a shoo-in to be the next star of The Bachelor. JoJo Fletcher’s rejected suitor may not have won her heart, but he won the hearts of Bachelor Nation—and that’s what really counts. Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve has stopped short of confirming Luke as the next star of the ABC franchise, but he did reveal that all the information he has received from his inside sources “points to Luke” as the Season 21 heartbreaker. ABC will make things official in the near future.


Pell has already revealed that he is ready to find love. During the Men Tell All reunion special, Luke told host Chris Harrison that he’s “ready to fall in love again.”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Luke Pell said he would be excited to get a second chance at a TV romance.

“I would be excited about it,” Luke told THR about landing the role on The Bachelor. “I’ve seen firsthand that it worked, going through this whole process with JoJo and I. I was in love with her. And it happened so fast, but it was real at the same time. It was real for us and it was real for me. So, I would be open to it again because I know it works. It’s proven.”

Pell admitted he was shocked when JoJo sent him home, and he even had anxiety attacks over it. The 31-year-old Texas war veteran said his split from Fletcher “cut [him] deep,” telling People that the whole thing felt surreal.

“It was happening in slow motion,” Luke told the magazine of the night he was sent home by JoJo. “I was in such disbelief, knowing where we had come from. It was a tough night.”

Things are really steaming up between JoJo and Luke! ????????#TheBachelorette

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Why try it again? Obviously, if Pell is the leading man, he gets to call the shots and control whose heart gets broken. And this time around, Luke can learn from his mistakes. While he had mad chemistry with JoJo, he failed to express his feelings to her in a timely manner. By the time he got around to saying those three little words to her, the Bachelorette beauty had already earmarked his rose for someone else.

“I could have been more direct about how in love with her I was,” Luke admitted. “Stupid me, I was holding back for that perfect, hopelessly romantic time to say I love you, and I held it too long I guess.”

While Pell says he is still in love with Fletcher, he just wants her to be happy, even if it’s not with him. Luke has also credited JoJo with helping to open his heart up to love again. Prior to Pell’s stint on the reality dating show, it had been several years since his last serious relationship.

As for Luke’s possible gig as The Bachelor, he is hoping that fans would get to see a much different side of him. While he came off as very intense and serious on The Bachelorette, Pell tells Entertainment Tonight that he has a lighthearted side.

“Hopefully I would be a fun Bachelor!” Luke told ET. “That’s the part of me [people] didn’t get to see on this show. A lot of my stories are so intense and deep about my military background… but I love to have fun!”

Of course, with Luke Pell and fellow JoJo reject Chase McNary as the top choices for the next season of The Bachelor, ABC will likely face some backlash for once again not addressing its diversity problem. A more diverse Bachelorette star was previously promised, and that didn’t happen. With Luke Pell helming the new season of the show, Latino soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis remains the only “non-white” Bachelor in the long history of the ABC reality franchise.

Take a look at the video below to see Luke Pell talking about being the lead on The Bachelor.

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