Florida Woman Posts Resume On Billboard For 24 Hours

Jacksonville, FL – In this job market, going that extra mile to get yourself noticed is extremely important. Out of work civil engineer Kim Wilburn decided to let everyone she was looking for employment by posting her resume on an interstate billboard for 24 hours. According to UPI, the idea started out as a joke, though, the more she thought about it, putting her resume on a giant sign seemed to make perfect sense.

“You’re riding down the interstate and you see billboards, and I told my husband, ‘I think we need to just rent a billboard sign. And now two, three years later, it’s become a reality, and we just decided to go for it,” she said.

“Are You Looking for A Professional Employee? Look No Further!” the billboard reads. Wilburn, who has been out of a job for nearly three years, spent $250 dollars to have her resume posted on the sign for a total of 24 hours.

Local10.com reports that Wilburn has been applying for jobs left and right, though she’s having an extremely hard time getting her foot in the door. “I’ve even applied for secretarial jobs and I’ve been told I’m overqualified,” she explained. “It’s just, I know I can do the jobs I apply for, I just have to get in front of an actual person to be given the opportunity.”

The billboard, she said, is her way of separating herself from the proverbial herd. Hopefully Wilburn’s stunt will attract the attention of those who might be looking to invest some money in a new hire.

“You have to be different nowadays to get the job,” she said. “You have to stand out and be different. And they contacted the radio stations, and here we are.”

How far would you go to get a job? Would you be willing to fork out $250 to post your resume on a billboard?