Brie Larson Confirmed As Marvel Studios’ Latest Superhero Extraordinaire: Captain Marvel

Brie Larson is officially Captain Marvel. According to the Guardian, rumors of Brie Larson playing Captain Marvel were finally confirmed as Marvel Studios made an official announcement during Comic-Con.

Marvel Studios announced that it had cast the star of its next franchise-hopeful film, Captain Marvel, and the title character will be played by Room‘s Brie Larson. Larson, who won an Oscar in February for her portrayal of a kidnapped mother in Room, later confirmed the news on Twitter, and the news was received warmly by her followers.

The casting, which had been a big rumor for the past few months, will see Brie Larson take on the role of air force pilot Carol Danvers, whose DNA is fused with that of an alien following a traumatic accident. This leaves Danvers with new-found powers including energy projection, flight, and super strength.

While the director for the upcoming Captain Marvel film has not been named, it has been revealed that the script will be written by Meg LeFauve, known for her work on Inside Out, and Nicole Perlman, who worked on Guardians of the Galaxy. Kevin Feige will be the producer for the film.

According to the Telegraph, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is slated to hit the big screen in March 2019.

The Oscar-winning actress will also make her mark as the first woman to play a leading role in a Marvel Cinematic Universe Film. Larson’s character has been a part of the Marvel Universe since 1968 and has had many incarnations in the comic books, with Carol Danvers having assumed the title since 2012. Back in 2014 when the news of the Captain Marvel film was first announced, Kevin Feige confirmed that the Captain Marvel role would be played by a woman.

“Let me clarify. Captain Marvel has gone by many names in the comics, has had many people who’ve inhabited that costume and used that power base. I want to make it very clear: This hero’s name is Carol Danvers.”

Feige waited until the end of the two-hour panel to make the announcement confirming rumors about Brie Larson that have been circulating online for months. Larson received a round of applause after she was brought on stage to join the rest of the Marvel stable during a group photo. Larson later tweeted her excitement and posed for a photo in a Marvel hat with the caption “Call me Captain Marvel.” She was thankful to all her supporters and she expressed her excitement to finally be a part of the Marvel team.

The search for Captain Marvel has reportedly taken more than a year, with Kevin Feige revealing that the hunt was already underway in April 2015 when the Carol Danvers iteration of Captain Marvel had already been written into the hugely successful Avengers: Age of Ultron film, but Kevin Feige ultimately decided against it.

Kevin Feige spoke on the decision to remove Captain Marvel from Age of Ultron.

“We didn’t want to introduce her fully formed, flying in a costume before you got to know who she was or how she came to be.”

With the Oscar-winning Brie Larson most recently spending her time acting in independent films, her upcoming superhero role could well be the zenith of her career.

Though the Captain Marvel film isn’t set for release until early 2019, fans of Brie Larson can look forward to catching her in action in the upcoming Kong: Skull Island. According to the Daily Mail, a new trailer for the upcoming King Kong spin-off starring Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston dropped at Comic-Con.

The film, directed by The Kings of Summer director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, features Brie Larson as a photographer while Tom plays a British SAS army expert, and John Goodman plays an explorer who has been hunting monsters for years.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]