Progesterone: Is It The New 'Pretty' Hormone?

Progesterone might make you look prettier. At least, healthy and balanced levels of progesterone, that is. According to New Beauty, progesterone is a hormone that gets released from the ovaries during ovulation. That's why when women hit menopause or have hysterectomies, it's important for the progesterone -- as well as her levels of estrogen -- to remain in balance. Whereas in the past, hysterectomies often were accompanied by the removal of not only the uterus but also the fallopian tubes and the ovaries -- these days, the role of the all-important progesterone released by the ovaries is leaving room for the ovaries to be left intact in some circumstances.

A progesterone imbalance can make a woman feel bloated and icky. As reported by World Health, a lack of progesterone with excess estrogen means a person might have to deal with gaining weight, being depressed, and all sorts of other maladies.

However, getting progesterone back in balance can help with weight loss and include plenty of other benefits. Progesterone can help a woman's sex drive, her fertility, and stabilize her menstrual cycle. It is being touted as the hormone that can make women a whole lot prettier -- not only because of the way it can plump skin and thicken hair, but also because of the horrible symptoms it can help alleviate.

[Image via iStockPhoto]Whereas progesterone comes in many forms, progesterone cream is a popular option for some women who rave about the creams and their benefits on Amazon.

The fact that progesterone's importance is finally being realized in 2016 has one woman wishing she had experienced hormone balance at age 35, reports the Huffington Post UK.

Jenny Paul, a British writer and journalist, opened up about her horrible experiences as a 40-year-old who lived with an estrogen imbalance. Whereas some folks might naturally assume that means more estrogen is needed -- oftentimes, progesterone can be the answer. Jenny's life was in turmoil in 2011, a fact that the single mother attributed to stress and her career.

Upon seeking the advice of her doctor, however, Paul learned that her estrogen levels were wreaking havoc on her body -- and her happy hormone progesterone was just about non-existent. She was peri-menopausal and in need of progesterone cream -- along with improving her eating habits and exercise schedule -- to get her life back on track. She began taking anti-aging supplements to help her produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which helped her sleep better, gave her more energy and helped plump up her skin and hair.

Hormone balancing is a message that has been touted by celebrities like Suzanne Somers for years.

Progesterone levels can be tested from the blood, saliva or urine by doctors who can then determine if a person is suffering from estrogen dominance— which means there's more estrogen than progesterone during certain phases of a woman's cycle -- and can then determine the proper course of treatment.

[Image via iStockPhoto]Whereas changing the diet to include healthy and whole foods like sweet potatoes might help, along with taking up yoga and getting enough sleep to promote hormonal health -- some find that slathering on a little progesterone cream might do the trick as well.

Some of the comments about progesterone cream from women who've used it can be found below.

"A friend had told me about natural progesterone. I did a ton of research and was very intrigued. Finally I get to try some and by golly the research is right, it works. I personally try to avoid dangerous drugs pushed by doctors but this doesn't mean that every natural cure will work for everyone. In this case, this works for me, so I am pleased. I seem to be getting my groove back and those around me are tickled pink!"
"A while back my doctor (reluctantly) prescribed progesterone cream for me from a compounding pharmacy after my insistence on having my hormones tested. The cream changed my life. My night sweats disappeared, I was no longer prone to fits of rage, my family actually enjoyed being with me again, I was able to think clearly again and the brain fog was GONE...and my energy levels, while not quite what they used to be, moved back into the acceptable range allowing me to actually have something of a social life again."
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