Will Niall Horan Go To The Rio Olympics For Golf?

Should Niall Horan fans be expecting to see him next at the Rio Olympics?

Held between August 5 and 21, the Rio Olympics will have a special appeal for Niall Horan because he is launching his own golf management company, and this year’s Olympics will have golf competitions for the first time in over 112 years.

While this seems like something right up Niall Horan’s alley, an announcement from him that he is going to the Rio Olympics is not online.

At the end of July, Niall Horan was preoccupied with golf because his Modest Golf Management team helped the North Ireland Open event at Galgorm Castle.

Although he was busy on July 31, there were no hints that Niall Horan or his golf manager, Mark McDonnell, were going to Rio for the Olympics.

Niall Horan, Rory McIlroy avoid RIo Olympics
Niall Horan's friend Rory McIlroy confirmed he would not attend the Rio Olympics. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

The closest evidence found that links Niall Horan to the Rio Olympics is when he was tagged in April in a British Airways Instagram post for his participation in one of their Pro-Am golf events.

This could have been significant because British Airways is the airline that will carry the U.K. team to the Rio Olympics, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

One thing that might draw Niall Horan to the Olympics in Rio is that three Irish golfers qualified for the event, including Padraig Harrington, Seamus Power, and Leona Maguire, according to Independent.

Alternatively, Niall Horan might be avoiding the trip to Brazil because several celebrity golfers have turned down going to the Rio Olympics, and not all of them cited the Zika virus as their reason.

CBS Sports and others have been keeping a list of all the golfers rejecting the Rio Olympics because the media is so surprised that the golfers are turning down a chance to play at the Olympics for the first time in 112 years.

There could also be concerns for Niall Horan about going to the Rio Olympics because he is a celebrity, and coordinating security teams might be difficult.

Despite the fact that the city of Rio has tightened their security for the Olympics, many celebrities, such as Kate Middleton and Princes William and Harry, have also stated they would not be attending the Rio Olympics.

Another reason Niall Horan might not go to the Rio Olympics is because it is not covered under his insurance policy. Celebrities are well-known for being insured for things other people do not consider a multi-million dollar asset, such as their voices.

Interestingly, one of the hurdles that has been affecting the Rio Olympics relates to the fact that some travel insurance policies do not cover the Zika virus, according to the New York Times.

Niall Horan and Mark McDonnell not attending Rio Olympics
Niall Horan, Mark McDonnell and Modest Golf Management do not have any social media hints they are attending the Rio Olympics. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

On the other hand, Niall Horan could be working on other projects that are more important than the Rio Olympics. For example, One Direction has been working to get rid of ticket scalpers that rip off 1D fans online.

Mirror reported on July 30 that One Direction turned down a million pounds of hush money from the ticket scalpers and stayed true to their fans. About the situation, Niall Horan stated the following.

“We always thought very carefully about how tickets were priced and so to regularly see fans on Twitter unable to get a ticket or having to pay ridiculous secondary ticketing prices was incredibly frustrating. Those sites are all about making a quick buck, they are terrible for music and for real music fans.”

There are also rumors that Niall Horan might be working on new music and is therefore too busy for the Rio Olympics. For example, Simon Cowell recently stated in a late-July interview that Niall Horan would have an exciting announcement “soon” for his fans, and many speculate it will be a solo album, according to MTV U.K.

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