WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Has An ‘Out Clause’ In WWE Contract That Could See Him Leave WWE In September

Alberto Del Rio is stuck. It’s apparent that he returned to WWE because they offered the most money for his services, which is an understandable reason to return. The problem Del Rio is currently dealing with is WWE doesn’t seem to be the best fit for him anymore. Alberto and WWE just seem to be on different wavelengths about his position on WWE programming.

His accolades in WWE are a mile long. He’s a four-time WWE World Champion, a two-time United States Champion, a Money in the Bank winner, and a Royal Rumble winner. Del Rio is the only man to win the last two in the same year. Any wrestler with his resume shouldn’t be struggling to get wins in the midcard, but that’s currently where he is after the WWE Draft.

Drafted to SmackDown, it seemed that it could be a good place for him to get a sizeable push to become a more important part of the show. However, there have been rumors that Triple H was strongly against pushing Del Rio before the WWE Draft. If that’s true or not, Del Rio’s character is definitely aimless on WWE programming right now, which is causing him a lot of frustration.

Alberto Del Rio Locks in the Cross-Arm Breaker on Randy Orton [Image via WWE]The latest update on Alberto’s frustration with his position in WWE claimed that he could be leaving the company sooner rather than later if things don’t change for his character on WWE programming. The belief is that Del Rio signed a one-year deal last October to return to WWE, so that would mean it would be expiring in a little over two months from this writing.

However, there is a rumor going around that Alberto Del Rio may not be willing to wait that long. According to a report from Wrestlezone, there is an “out clause” in Del Rio’s WWE contract that could be in effect in September. If Alberto decides to leave WWE, it could be as soon as next month.

While he may or may not make as much as money as he would with WWE, he’ll be featured much better and still make a ton of money elsewhere in the industry. For example, TNA Wrestling would happily throw a lot of money at him, but he doesn’t seem to be a great fit there either. He could return to Lucha Underground, AAA, or any other promotion that would have him.

Alberto Del Rio Makes His Way to the Ring [Image via WWE]Del Rio’s time with WWE isn’t over, so there is still time to mend that fence and give Alberto Del Rio a more prominent role on SmackDown. There are many fresh feuds that could benefit him as a heel or potentially as a face. Del Rio hasn’t been a face in WWE since 2013. The WWE Universe has always responded better to him as a face because it seems like a more natural fit.

The only singles title Alberto hasn’t won in WWE is the Intercontinental Championship. The Miz is doing a very good job with it right now, but the coming months could see that change and Del Rio vs. Miz for the IC title could be a very good feud for the SmackDown brand after WWE Summerslam. There are still many creative things for Alberto Del Rio to do in WWE, the only question is if his patience will be too thin by the time September rolls around and his “out clause” kick into his WWE contract.

Alberto Del Rio recently revealed that he plans to wrestle for three to five years before he officially retires. His mindset must be to lock down as much money as he can before calling it a career, so he’s going to be forced to choose between making big money in WWE with a lot of hassle, or take his chances with his final years outside of WWE. The choice will be up to him.

[Image via WWE]